pansexual/panromantic representation

canon (pan has been used explicitly in the media or by those creating the media) pan rep in books, comics, film, games, musicals, podcasts, television, web-comics, and’s noted if the word/flag is used on page/screen, if other attraction labels have been used alongside pan, any other rep the characters offer that i’m aware of, and sources are linked.out of these 1.6k+ characters, 71 are missing sources, but i want to stress that characters are added to this list solely because i’ve seen them described by tptb as pan. even if i can’t relocate the source.this list, more detailed and better organized, is now a google doc!!!see also: frequently asked pan questions and pan timeline and pan statistics
created by: posi-pan on tumblr, pansexualityorg on twitter, kory on medium
last updated: 04/11/24


archie comics
— eliza han (pansexual, biracial, disabled, fat) x
dc comics
— desire (pansexual, transgender, nonbinary, polyamorous) x
— hal jordan (pansexual) x
— harley quinn (pansexual) x
— john constantine (pansexual/bisexual) x
— porcelain (pansexual, genderfluid, black) x
— ragdoll (pansexual) x
— wonder woman (pansexual/bisexual) x x
dynamite comics
— barbarella (pansexual) x
— red sonja (pansexual/bisexual) x
— vampirella (pansexual) x x
image comics
— emily astor (pansexual/bisexual) x
— inanna (pansexual/bisexual, genderqueer) x
— juanita sanchez (on page, pansexual, mexican american) x
marvel comics
— deadpool (pansexual/omnisexual, disfigured, chronic pain, depression) x x
— loki laufeyson (pansexual/bisexual, genderfluid) x x x
— psylocke (pansexual/bisexual) x x
queer comix
— angel (on page, pansexual, black) x


agents of mayhem
— hollywood (pansexual) x
apex legends
— fuse (pansexual, disabled) x
— seer (pansexual, black) x
astoria: fate’s kiss & astoria: lost kisses
— charybdis (pansexual) x
— may chan (pansexual) x
— persephone (pansexual) x
baldur’s gate 3
— astarion x x
— gale (pansexual) x
— karlach (pansexual) x
— lae’zel (pansexual) x
— minthara (pansexual) x
— shadowheart (pansexual) x
— wyll (pansexual) x
borderlands 3
— zane flynt/the operative (pansexual) x
— wiggle (pansexual) x
castaway! love’s adventure
— joaquin (pansexual) x
dragon age: inquisition
— iron bull (pansexual) x
drawn together
— tess (pansexual) x
14 days with you
— ren (demi/pansexual, nonbinary, japanese american) x
— elanor (demi/panromantic, asexual) x
— conan (pansexual) x
— leon (demi/pansexual) x
havenfall is for lovers
— gwen (pansexual) x
— hikari (pansexual) x
— nessie (pansexual) x
— razi (pansexual) x
— roshi (pansexual) x
hearts and heroes
— jade (pansexual, agender) x
leisure suit larry
— lemma (pansexual) x
love & legends
— caligo (pansexual) x
— iseul (pansexual) x
— ishara (pansexual) x
— sophie (pansexual) x
mass effect
— jack (pansexual) x x
night in the woods
— mae borowski (pansexual/queer) x
our life
— baxter (pansexual) x
— cove (pansexual) x
— derek (pansexual) x
overwatch 2
— lifeweaver (pansexual, thai) x
paladins: champions of the realm
— caspian (pansexual) x
queen of thieves
— nikolai (pansexual, demisexual) x
— penny (pansexual) x
reigning passions
— lyris (pansexual) x
— piama (pansexual) x
— sevastian (pansexual) x
sin with me
— nero (pansexual) x
— trudy (pansexual) x
starship promise
— zhora (pansexual) x
subway surfers
— spike (pansexual) x
sweet enchantments
— axia (pansexual) x
— nysa (pansexual) x
— silvain (pansexual) x
to love & protect
— ellis (pansexual, black) x
validate: struggling singles in your area
— anoki (pansexual, oglala lakota native american) x
villainous nights
— ezekiel (pansexual) x
— juliette (pansexual) x
— renzei (pansexual) x


— beetlejuice (pansexual) x
— emcee (pansexual) x
dracula, a comedy of terrors
— dracula (pansexual) x


— wheeler (pansexual) x
the blood crow stories
— prince$$ (pansexual, nonbinary) x
— tobias/asmodeus (pansexual, agender) x
the bright sessions
— chloe (panromantic, asexual) x
— tryst (pansexual) x
dining in the void
— mars (pansexual, nonbinary) x
— nefeli (pansexual, aromantic) x
— semper (pansexual) x
— theodoric (pansexual) x
fireside folktales
— nyx (pansexual, fat) x
— zeus (pan) x
the ghost radio project
— ziggy (pansexual, aromantic, nonbinary, polyam) x
hi nay
— mari (mc, pansexual, filipina) x
— citrine (pansexual) x
jim robbie and the wanderers
— tango (pansexual) x
— emily (pansexual) x
me and au
— stuart (word used, pansexual, nonbinary) x
megaton girl
— connie (pansexual) x
moonbase theta, out
— michell (pansexual, transgender) x
— nessa (pansexual, aromantic, polyam, chinese/east asian) x
— kat (pansexual, transgender, polyam) x
— mystic (word used, panromantic, asexual) x
— quint (pansexual) x
— thermite (pansexual) x
the penumbra podcast
— rita (pansexual) x
raising the dead again
— dread (pansexual, agender) x
— quincy (demipansexual, nonbinary) x
solutions to problems
— loaf (pansexual) x
this planet needs a name
— devi (pan) x
— james (pan) x
— kolian (pansexual, demi, nonbinary, blind) x


alice júnior
— alice (pansexual, transgender) x
— isabel (pansexual, chinese) x
chick fight
— ed (on screen, pansexual/bisexual/sexually fluid)
— deadpool (pansexual/omnisexual, disfigured, chronic pain, depression) x x x x
— mal (pansexual) x
the girl with the dragon tattoo
— lisbeth (pansexual) x
the old guard
— andy (pansexual) x
the rocky horror picture show
— frank n. furter (pansexual) x
star trek beyond
— james kirk (pansexual) x
star wars
— lando calrissian (pansexual) x
the thing about harry
— harry (on screen, pansexual) x


30 rock
— paul (on screen, pansexual) x
american dad!
— roger (on screen, pansexual, addiction) x
american gods
— bilquis (pansexual, black) x
— ally (pansexual) x
another period
— dr. goldberg (on screen, pansexual, jewish) x
big mouth
— ali (on screen, pansexual) x
blood & water
— chris (on screen, pansexual) x x
— tommo (pansexual/fluid) x
carnival row
— vignette (pansexual) x
chilling adventures of sabrina
— ambrose spellman (pansexual, black) x x x x x
— witches/warlocks (various characters, pansexual) x
club de cuervos
— aitor cardoné (on screen, pansexual, spanish) x
— craig pelton (on screen, pansexual) x
criminal minds
— tara lewis (pansexual) x
dating in place
— penelope (pansexual) x
daytime divas
— kibby ainsley (pansexual/fluid, addiction) x
— imogen moreno (pansexual) x
— emma reid (on screen, pansexual) x
doctor who
— jack harkness (pansexual/bisexual/omnisexual) x x
don’t say no
— leon (on screen, pansexual)
— david schreibner (pansexual, transgender) x
the expanse
— julie mao (on screen, pansexual, asian) x
the flash
— leonard snart (pansexual) x x x
la flor más bella
— mati (on screen, pansexual)
game of thrones
— yara greyjoy (pansexual) x
— delilah (pansexual, asian) x
— val/entina romanyszyn (on screen, pansexual) x
gen v
— jordan (main character, pansexual, asian-american) x
the good fight
— roland blum (pansexual) x
gossip girl
— max wolfe (pansexual) x x x
— hannibal lecter (pansexual/omnisexual) x
harlan coben’s shelter
— arthur “spoon” greensmith (pansexual) x
— aimee (on screen, pansexual, woc)
how to get away with murder
— annalise keating (pansexual/bisexual, addiction, depression, ptsd, black) x
inside job
— andre (on screen, pansexual, korean, addiction, ocd, tourette’s) x
in the flesh
— kieren walker (pansexual, anxiety, depression, claustrophobia, ptsd) x
kipo and the age of wonderbeasts
— troy (pansexual) x
— josie saltzman (pansexual) x x x x x
legends of tomorrow
— charlie (pansexual, genderfluid, black) x x
— gary green (pansexual) x
— kendra saunders (pansexual, biracial) x
— leonard snart (pansexual) x x x
— lucifer morningstar (pansexual/bisexual) x
— mazikeen smith (pansexual, woc) x x x
madam secretary
— kat sandoval (on screen, bisexual/pansexual/queer, latinx) x

mike tyson mysteries
— yung hee tyson (on screen, pansexual, half-korean) x
the nevers
— hugo (pansexual) x
no tomorrow
— kareema (on screen, pansexual, indian) x
ok, k.o.!
— boxman (pansexual) x
the owl house
— willow (pansexual) x
— carlton lassiter (pansexual) x
rick and morty
— rick sanchez (pansexual, addiction, depression, hispanic) x
the sandman
— corinthian (pansexual) x
schitt’s creek
— david rose (on screen, pansexual) x x
scream queens
— sadie swenson (on screen, pansexual) x
sex education
— ola nyman (on screen, pansexual, black) x x
she’s gotta have it
— nola darling (on screen, pansexual, polyamorous, black) x
single parents
— miggy park (pansexual, polyamorous, korean-american) x
— ryn (pansexual) x x
— even bech næsheim (on screen, pansexual, bipolar) x x
skam france
— eliott demaury (pansexual, bipolar) x x x
— sophia (pansexual) x
star trek: deep space nine
— ezri dax (pansexual) x
— jadzia dax (pansexual) x
star trek: picard
— seven of nine (pansexual) x
— ferg (on screen, pansexual) x
— roman (pansexual/fluid) x
— crowley (pansexual) x
— rowena (pansexual) x x
— jules thomas (pansexual) x
todxs nosotrxs
— rafa (pansexual, nonbinary, latinx) x
— jack harkness (pansexual/bisexual/omnisexual) x x
— sabine (on screen, pansexual) x
true blood
— eric northman (pansexual) x
— pam (pansexual) x
tuca & bertie
— tuca (pansexual) x
the umbrella academy
— klaus hargreeves (pansexual, nonbinary/genderqueer, addiction) x
vagrant queen
— elida (pansexual) x
wake up ladies: very complicated
— aei (on screen, pansexual) x
— kevin (on screen, pansexual) x
what we do in the shadows
— colin (pansexual) x x x x
— laszlo (pansexual) x x x x
— nadja (pansexual, romani) x x x x
— nandor (pansexual, iranian) x x x x
will & grace
— edward (on screen, pansexual) x
— karen (on screen, pansexual) x
the witcher
— jaskier (pansexual/panromantic) x
wynonna earp
— demetri (on screen, pansexual) x
— adam (on screen, pansexual) x
— forty (pansexual) x
— gabe (on screen, pansexual, black) x
— lauren heller (pansexual/fluid, jewish) x
— tam (on screen, pansexual, homoromantic, genderqueer) x
young justice
— kaldur’ahm (pansexual/bisexual/polysexual) x x
you me her
— izzy silva (on screen, pansexual, polyamorous) x


180 angel
— lilith (on page, pansexual) x
against the odds
— murase (pansexual) x
and the clouds go by
— tyler (on page, pansexual, polyamorous, black) x
— zoey (on page, pansexual) x
— dean (on page, pansexual) x
— enno (on page, pansexual) x
bloodrain valravn
— lupin (pansexual) x
— nerd/adrian (on page, pansexual, polyamorous) x
the breakfast guild
— eggs (pan) x
but i’m a cat person
— emma (pansexual, chinese-american) x
castle swimmer
— nee (pansexual, transgender) x
chasing me
— logan (pansexual) x
chroma key
— adrienne (pansexual/bisexual, black) x
— emily (pansexual/bisexual) x
cirque royale
— daisy (pansexual, intersex) x
— leo (pansexual, polyamorous, chronic pain, cane user, eating disorder) x
count me in
— atlas (panromantic, asexual) x
— isaac (pansexual) x
cunning fire
— riley (pansexual, nonbinary) x
dame daffodil
— charo (mc, on page, pansexual, adhd)
demon for hire
— campbell (pansexual, persian) x
demon house
— tula (pansexual) x
demon of the underground
— pogo (pan/bi) x
deryli and the magician's key
— caspiano (pansexual) x
— ephriam (pan/demi, poc) x
divine acid
— james (pansexual, nonbinary) x
— raskin (pansexual) x
— cei (pansexual, transgender) x
the fantasy book club
— fiona (pansexual, aromantic) x
finding wonderland
— alex (pansexual) x
the flipside
— meredith (pansexual) x
friends with series
— eri (panromantic, asexual, genderfluid) x
— thao (pansexual, aromantic, vietnamese) x
— nohoarii (pansexual, samoan, fa’afatama) x
— nathan (pansexual, spanish-american) x
friki romance
— chris (demi-pansexual, nonbinary, demiboy, adhd, autism) x
four leaf
— alvar (on page, pansexual) x
ghost junk sickness
— beetle (pansexual) x
— boggmouth (pansexual, transgender) x
— nonshedo (pansexual) x
— nowe (pansexual) x
— raine (pansexual) x
— vahn (panromantic, asexual, agender) x
go get a roomie
— roomie (pansexual)
— steve (pansexual) x
gourmet hound by leehama
— clementine (side character, pansexual) x
the guide to a healthy relationship
— julian (pansexual, nonbinary) x
heart of gold
— ionel (main character, panromantic, asexual) x
— wisteria (panromantic, asexual) x
— hana (pansexual, transgender) x
— nen (pansexual, nonbinary) x
— selima (on page, pansexual) x
immortal affairs
— noah (on page, pansexual) x
— jamie (on page, pansexual, questioning) x
leif and thorn
— ebony (on page, pansexual) x
— elisa (on page, pansexual) x
— hyacinth (on page, pansexual, intersex, poc) x
— laurel (on page, pansexual, transgender, black) x
— leif (on page, pansexual) x
les normaux
— dev (pan, nigerian) x
— drew (pan, japanese/brazilian) x
— gio (pansexual, aromantic, gujarati indian/italian) x
— raahim (pan, iraqi) x
— tip (pan, transgender, hopi native american) x
let’s celebrate!
— patricia feagan (pan/bi/cupio) x
— hayley (pansexual/bisexual, nonbinary, genderfae, poc) x
let’s fight
— mari (pansexual, nonbinary) x
lies within
— lorne park (pansexual, nonbinary) x
— misha romanov (pansexual) x
little distractions
— richard (pansexual/bisexual, demisexual, neurodivergent) x
— brizzium (pansexual, demiromantic) x
— xada (panromantic, gay, transgender) x
— lacey (pansexual) x
love, lila
— lila (on page, pansexual) x

love not found
— aster (pansexual, androgynous) x
— ivy (pansexual, black) x
— umi (pansexual) x
— blushblush (on page, pansexual, nonbinary, african/mixed) x
— ben kench (on page, pansexual) x
no end
— abby (on page, pansexual, transgender/genderqueer, black, disabled) x
— character (on page, panromantic, asexual) x
— character (on page, pansexual) x
— character (on page, pansexual, transgender) x
— jenn (on page, panromantic, asexual) x
— jerry (on page, pansexual) x
— maverick (on page, pansexual, deuteranopia, ptsd) x
— sarah (on page, pansexual, questioning) x
— raziol (on page, pansexual) x
— sulvain (on page, demisexual/greyace, panromantic, mute) x
— apollo (pansexual) x
— arias (pansexual) x
— osora (pansexual, nonbinary) x
please don’t eat me
— mark (on page, pansexual, chinese-japanese/italian) x
— victoria (on page, pansexual) x
the property of hate
— rgb (on page, pansexual) x
purple hyacinth
— kym (pansexual) x
— emily (on page, pansexual) x
raison d'etre
— miyamoto hiroki (panromantic, asexual) x
— miyamoto kazuo (panromantic, nonbinary) x
— nakamura sachiko (pansexual, demifemale) x
rock and riot
— carla (panromantic, asexual, fat) x
— rolly (panromantic, demisexual, transgender) x
— sasha (panromantic, demisexual) x
— skip (demi-pansexual, bigender, poc) x
— sonny (pansexual demiboy) x
save the day
— zora (pansexual, woc) x
seeing starsigns
— cassia (panromantic, asexual) x
— waihrah (pansexual) x
— domigo (pansexual) x
— easton (pansexual) x
— ezra (pansexual) x
— galos culture (pansexual) x
— ivo (pansexual, bigender) x
— satinder (pansexual) x
sinners of st. sebastian’s
— red (on page, pansexual) x
— steven (on page, pansexual, moc) x
sister claire
— marie (pansexual) x
— rosalie (pansexual) x
sleepless domain
— outrageous lime (pansexual) x
snug orbit
— calliope (on page, pansexual) x
someone always cares
— cam (panromantic, asexual, nonbinary) x
— inkmaster (pansexual, transgender, brazilian) x
— rory (on page, pansexual) x
— gris (on page, pansexual, nonbinary) x
— randall (on page, pansexual) x
— bunny (on page, pansexual) x
— dani (on page, pansexual) x
— stel (on page, pansexual) x
sunflowers and lavender
— noah (pansexual, nonbinary, half japanese, disabled) x
— penny (pansexual, jewish) x
sunshine boy
— kelly (pansexual, demiboy) x
— dean (on page, pan, korean) x
the thief’s heir
— cabbage rabbit (panromantic, greysexual) x
— demon (pansexual) x
this is not fiction
— julian drees (panromantic, demisexual) x
— landon addison (pansexual, demiromantic) x
this is not us
— soal (on page, pansexual) x
undefiled wings
— acquamarina (on page, pansexual, transgender, moc) x
— esther (pansexual) x
the unfitting puzzle piece
— nico (on page, pansexual, moc) x
unknown lands
— mischief (pan) x
— ghost (pansexual) x
— casey (on page, pansexual) x
where the giants roar
— koios titan (pansexual, black) x


the adventures of jamie watson (and sherlock holmes)
— wendy (on screen, pansexual) x
the adventures of serena berg
— rags (pansexual) x
all for one
— portia vallon (pansexual) x
all or nothing
— annie (on screen, pansexual) x
— charlie (on screen, pansexual) x
any other rosie
— marshall noble (pansexual, nonbinary)
any other vlog
— marcy harley (pansexual)
atop the fourth wall
— dr. linksano (on screen, pansexual, polyamorous) x
the blair goddess project
— zoe lasnammer (pansexual) x
— amy warson (pansexual, black) x
a document of madness/the better strangers
— paulie hathaway (pansexual) x
the emma agenda
— april hawkins (on screen, pansexual, asian) x
— hedy bates (on screen, pansexual) x
the filth
— danny (on screen, pansexual, asian) x
the grey tarmac road
— boq (pansexual) x
— corey chopper (pansexual, black)
helluva boss
— blitzo (pansexual) x
high’rd help
— billy angelopolous (panromantic, asexual) x
— rowan gaines (pansexual, nonbinary, black) x
janny’s diary
— mary perez (on screen, pansexual) x
like, as it is
— orlando deboys (pansexual) x
liminal summer
— liam cox (on screen, pansexual) x
the married woman
— peeplika (pansexual, indian) x
monster high
— finnegan wake (pansexual, disabled)
project green gables
— anne shirley (on screen, pansexual, demiromantic, black) x
retail rejects
— brittany wang (pansexual, asian) x
— linda (pansexual) x
— michelle-taylor blacksmith (pansexual) x
the roedell project
— dylan finnegan (pansexual, demigirl) x
rome & juliet
— bennie montague (pansexual)
— juliet capulet (pansexual)
s.a.l.e.m.: the secret archive of legends, enchantments, and monsters
— salem (nonbinary, pansexual) x
school spirit: an unlikely webseries
— ellen hammond (pansexual) x
total party kill
— kat (on screen, pansexual) x
twelfth grade (or whatever)
— maria (on screen, pansexual) x
village of objects
— blueberry (pansexual) x


ablaze by a.h. cunningham (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mason (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam, caribbean american)
the absolutes series by chace verity (2017-2018) (fantasy, na)
— lester (mc, pansexual/queer, moc) x
— kelpana (mc, pansexual) x
the academy by quinn anderson (2018) (contemp, na, romance)
— theo (sc, on page, pansexual)
ace of hearts by feral sephrian (2015) (adult, contemp)
— felix (sc, on page, pansexual)
act cool by tobly mcsmith (2021) (contemp, ya)
— duncan (sc, on page, pansexual)
adore by a.d. ellis (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jesse (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual/questioning)
the adulterer series by sam anthony (2020) (adult, mystery, romance)
— frankie (sc, on page, pansexual)
the affair of the mysterious letter by alexis hall (2019) (adult, fantasy, mystery)
— ms. haas (sc, pansexual) x
ahsoka by e.k. johnston (2016) (sci-fi, ya)
— kaeden (sc, pansexual/bisexual, black) x
all he needs by ann grech (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ricky (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
allies edited by shakirah bourne and dana alison levy (2021) (nonfiction)all i have left by anahita karthik (2022) (contemp, ya)
— srashvi (mc, pansexual, indian american) x
all i’m asking by j. marie rundquist (2022) (adult, contemp)
— naomi (mc, pansexual) x
all of the above by juno dawson (2015) (contemp, ya)
— characters (various characters, pansexual) x
all or none by aurora lee thornton (2020) (fantasy, na)
— royiora (mc, pansexual, adhd) x
all or nothing by riina y.t. (2019) (na, romance)
— carter (mc, on page, pansexual)
all that they desire by zoe york (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— evan (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
all the games we play duology by emm darcy (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jason (li, on page, pansexual)
all the lonely people by david owen (2019) (fantasy, ya)
— tinker (sc, on page, pansexual)
all these gifts series by skye kilaen (2022-2023) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— jolie (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
— deneve (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
all the things we do in the dark by saundra mitchell (2019) (contemp, mystery, ya)
— ava (mc, on page, pansexual, ptsd)
the almosts series by l.c. mawson (2017) (fantasy, na)
— kara (mc, pansexual, aromantic, autistic) x
always eli by charlie novak (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— eli (mc, pansexual) x
always him by cora rose (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— finn (mc, on page, pansexual)
always the almost by edward underhill (2023) (contemp, ya)
— eric (li, pansexual) x
american dragon series by aaron crash (2018-2020) (fantasy, na, romance)
— tessa (li, on page, pansexual)
american sweethearts by adriana herrera (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— priscilla (mc, pansexual, afro-latinx) x
andersson dexter series by m. darusha wehm (2010-2017) (adult, mystery, sci-fi)
— dex (mc, pansexual) x
and then they were four by elna holst (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— helena (mc, on page, pansexual)
angels of mercy series by s.a. collins (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— marco (mc, on page, pansexual)
another way by anna martin (2011) (adult, contemp, erotica, romance)
— jesse (mc, on page, pansexual, heteroflexible)
appalachian elementals series by jeanne g’fellers (2018-2019) (adult, fantasy)
— brinn (sc, pansexual, nonbinary)
— cent (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary)
apparition by zahlia amin (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— persy (mc, on page, pansexual, demisexual)
the arcadia project series by mishell baker (2016-2018) (adult, fantasy)
— millie (mc, pansexual, bpd, disabled/two prosthetic legs)
arctic sun by annabeth albert (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— river (mc, on page, pansexual)
arden st. ives series by alexis hall (2017-2019) (adult, erotica, romance)
— arden (mc, on page, pansexual)
ardulum series by j.s. fields (2017-2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— neek/atalant (mc, pansexual)
the arrangement by robyn harding (2019) (mystery thriller, na)
— violet (sc, on page, pansexual)
assassins series by erica cameron (2016-2017) (contemp, mystery, ya)
— blake (mc, on page, panromantic, greysexual, genderfluid, agender, intersex, mixed race, multiethnic)
as you wish by sam hall (2019) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— jez (sc, on page, pansexual)
at what age does my body belong to me? by amanda tayte-tait (2021) (nonfiction)the aurora circus by viano oniomoh (2019) (fantasy, na)
— pyro (li, pansexual, transgender, moc) x
auror and the wolf by mc johnson (2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— aurora (mc, pansexual) x
— harper (mc, pansexual) x
avatars of ruin series by tej turner (2021- ) (adult, fantasy)
— (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
axiom series by tim pratt (2017-2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— cyborgs (vcs, pansexual) x
azeitonas by maria freitas (2020) (contemp, ya)
— cecilia (mc, pansexual) x
baby come back by roxanne riley (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— forest (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual, polyam)
baby, eu vou by lylia lua (2021) (adult, contemp)
— baby (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary, black)
baby steps by catherine lievens (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— laurie (mc, on page, pansexual)
back in a spell by lana harper (2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— nina (mc, on page, pansexual)
— morty (li, on page, pansexual, nonbinary)
bad at love by gabriela martins (2022) (contemp, romance, ya)
— sasha (mc, on page, pansexual, brazilian american)
bad deal by annabeth albert (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— harley (mc, on page, pansexual)
bainbridge university series by andi burns (2021-2022) (contemp, na, romance)
— ollie (sc, on page, pansexual)
balance point by katherine rhodes (2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— john (mc, on page, pansexual)
the ballad of dinah caldwell by kate brauning (2021) (mystery thriller, ya)
— dinah (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
the barkeep and the bookseller by v.l. locey (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— cord (mc, on page, pansexual)
barnabas bopwright saves the city by j. marshall freeman (2022) (fantasy, ya)
— barnabas (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
bartholomew by elle sparrow (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— meredith (sc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
base status: online by emmy engberts (2018) (sci-fi, ya)
— willow (mc, pansexual, autistic) x
beating heart baby by lio min (2022) (contemp, romance, ya)
— santi (mc, pansexual, filipino-american)
beautiful red by m. darusha wehm (2012) (adult, sci-fi)
— jack (mc, pansexual) x
beautiful savages by taylor crawford (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— dove (sc, on page, pansexual)
becoming human by holly gray (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— marin (li, pansexual) x
bees and honey by victoria weyland (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— heather (mc, on page, pansexual)
before i let go by marieke nijkamp (2018) (ya, mystery)
— kyra (sc, on page, pansexual, bipolar)
beguiled by night series by nicole eigener (2020-2023) (adult, fantasy, horror)
— vauquelin (mc, pansexual) x
beholder by ryan la sala (2023) (horror, ya)
— athan (mc, pansexual) x
the belle and the beard by kate canterbary (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— linden (mc, on page, pansexual)
— jasper (mc, pansexual)
ben and beatriz by katalina gamarra (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— beatriz (mc, pansexual, latina) x
beneath the surface by rebecca langham (2017) (sci-fi, ya)
— outsiders (various characters, on page, pansexual)
benoit by r.j. scott and v.l. locey (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— benoit (mc, on page, pansexual/omnisexual)
be still my heart by charlie cochet (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— red (mc, on page, pansexual)
best laid plans by roan parrish (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rye (mc, on page, pansexual)
beta bots by ava lock (2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— tabitha (sc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
betraying bexley by t.l. reeve and michele ryan (2020) (adult, romance)
— bex (mc, on page, pansexual)
betrothed: a faery tale by therese woodson (2015) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— faeries (various characters, pansexual)
beyond control by kit rocha (2013) (adult, erotica, romance)
— alexa (mc, pansexual) x
beyond meridian by c.c. bridges (2018) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— raine (mc, pansexual) x
beyond the curtain by t.l. travis (2019) (adult, erotica, romance)
— diamond (mc, on page, pansexual)
bi any other name edited by loraine hutchins and lani ka’ahumanu (1991) (nonfiction)bi: bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and genderqueer youth by ritch c. savin-williams (2021) (nonfiction)bijou basin series by koriana brackson (2020-2021) (adult, erotica)
— kenzie (mc, on page, pan/bi, polyam)
— ripley (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
a billionaire’s gamble by frey ortega (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— remington (mc, on page, pansexual)
the billionaire’s mistress by m.s. parker (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— tao (sc, on page, pansexual/bisexual, polyam)
billy’s geeky quest by j.b. buell (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— scott (li, on page, pansexual, demisexual)
bingo love by tee franklin (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— hazel (mc, on page, pan/bi/queer, fat, woc)
bi: notes for a bisexual revolution by shiri eisner (2013) (nonfiction)bird bright shadows series by e.v. greig (2015-2020) (adult, sci-fi)
— (li, pansexual) x
the bisbee bachelor’s club by k. sterling (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— owen (mc, on page, pansexual)
bisexual and pansexual identities by nikki hayfield (2020) (nonfiction)bisexuality in europe edited by emiel maliepaard and renate baumgartner (2020) (nonfiction)bisexual men exist by vaneet mehta (2023) (nonfiction)bisexual politics: theories, queries, and visions edited by naomi tucker (1995) (nonfiction)bishop’s opening by r.s.a garcia (2022) (adult, sci-fi)
— bas (mc, pan/demisexual, polyam) x
bi: the hidden culture, history, and science of bisexuality by julia shaw (2022) (nonfiction)bi the way: the bisexual guide to life by lois shearing (2021) (nonfiction)bitter medicine by mia tsai (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— (scs, pansexual, polyam) x
black halo collection series by madelynne elli (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— xane (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual/fluid, polyam)
blacklight by rory i (2018) (adult, sci-fi)
— gareth heights (sc, pansexual, demiromantic, poc)
blackmail by anna james watson (2017) (adult, erotica, romance)
— julian (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
black queer hoe by britteney black rose kapri (2018) (nonfiction)the black tree by michón neal (2013) (adult, sci-fi)
— ariel shoud (sc, pansexual, aromantic, nonbinary)
blame atlas save atlas by angelo lytle (2020) (horror, na)
— lark (sc, on page, pansexual)
bleeding heart by a.m. hartnett (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— seth (mc, on page, pansexual)
blind justice by t.l. reeve and michele ryan (2020) (adult, crime, romance)
— duncan (mc, on page, pansexual)
bloemetje by amanda mcneil (2023) (adult, fantasy, retelling, sci-fi)
— thumbelina (mc, pansexual) x
blood and darkness series by aria storm (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— loki (on page, pansexual)
blood and marriage by megan derr (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— morrin (mc, pansexual, aromantic)
blood-bound by kaija rayne (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— kai (li, on page, pansexual) x
— rhys (sc, pansexual, aromantic) x
blood in the water by tash mcadam (2015) (fantasy, ya)
— hallie (mc, pansexual) x

blood island by tim waggoner (2018) (adult, horror)
— tamara (mc, on page, pansexual)
blood, lust, and liberty by casey fox (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— david (li, on page, pansexual)
blueberry boys by vanessa north (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sebby (sc, on page, pansexual)
blue fire by catherine lievens (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— orran (mc, on page, pansexual)
— dragons (vcs, on page, pansexual)
the blue-spangled blue by david bowles (2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— areshan (sc, pan, genderqueer) x
— inyoni (sc, pan) x
— jina (sc, pan) x
— meji (mc, pan, genderqueer) x
— samanei (sc, pan) x
— tenshi (mc, on page, pan) x
— yen (sc, pan, genderqueer) x
bom dia, sr. jones by l.l. moon (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— heitor (li, pansexual) x
the bone season series by samantha shannon (2013- ) (adult, fantasy)
— arcturus (li, pansexual) x
bookmark by g.l. tomas (2017) (na, romance)
— ruby jiang-cruz (mc, pansexual)
books, bulls, and bacchanals by angel martinez (2015) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— dionysus (mc, pansexual)
the bookseller’s boyfriend by heidi cullinan (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rasul (mc, on page, pansexual, biracial)
the borrow a boyfriend club by page powars (2023) (contemp, ya)
— noah (mc, pansexual) x
boston rebels series by r.j. scott and v.l. locey (2021-2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— marquis (mc, on page, pansexual, black)
bound by him by leighton greene (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— dorian (sc, on page, pansexual)
bound to the monarchs by brooke winters (2019) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— antonio (li, pansexual, polyam) x
— mathilda (li, pansexual, polyam) x
— vitoria (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
the boy next door by sierra hill (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ava (sc, on page, pansexual)
brando by marita a. hansen (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— dominic (sc, on page, pansexual)
breakout by alek l. cristea (2023) (sci-fi, ya)
— malek (mc, pansexual) x
breathless by jennifer niven (2020) (contemp, ya)
— wednesday (sc, on page, pansexual)
the breath of the sun by isaac fellman (2018) (adult, fantasy, sci-fi)
— lamat (mc, pansexual, transmasc)
bride of the corpse king by emily shore (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— isla (mc, pansexual) x
a brighter, darker art by halli starling (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— silvan (mc, pansexual) x
the bright side brigade by elaine white (2019) (contemp, ya)
— javon (mc, on page, panromantic)
the brightsiders by jen wilde (2018) (contemp, ya)
— alfie (li, on page, pansexual, genderqueer, social anxiety)
broken by the biker by evelyn glass (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— missy (sc, on page, pansexual)
the broken society series by a.k. michalik (2020-2022) (dystopian, ya)
— blaire (mc, pansexual) x
brother-in-law material by crystal lacy (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— luke (mc, on page, pansexual)
brother’s best friend in the mountains by c.j. turner (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— henri (sc, on page, pansexual)
the brown sisters series by talia hibbert (2019-2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— gigi (sc, on page, pansexual, black)
brutal hearts by cassie daley (2023) (horror, ya)
— leah (mc, pansexual, autistic) x
b-sides series by keelan ellis (2017) (adult, historical, romance)
— richard (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
the bugbears heiress by lizzie strong (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— cassandra (mc, pansexual) x
bulletproof by maggie cummings (2020) (adult, mystery, romance)
— briana (mc, on page, pansexual)
burning for you by a.m. arthur (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— bran (mc, on page, pansexual)
business and the beat by kellum jeffries (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mak (mc, pansexual/bisexual, hawaiian) x
butterfly boys by cameron james (2020) (contemp, na, romance)
— sam (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary)
cadence and the pearl by k.l. noone (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— (sc, pansexual) x
calling calling calling me by natasha washington (2018) (na, contemp, romance)
— josh (mc, on page, pansexual)
calm by k. evan coles and brigham vaughn (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jesse (sc, pansexual) x
camellia clock cycle series by taylor brooke (2017-2018) (contemp, na)
— aiden (mc, on page, pansexual, anxiety, dissociative dysthymia)
camomila by ariel f. hitz (2019) (contemp, ya)
— (mc, pansexual) x
camp rewind by meghan o’brien (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rosa salazar (mc, on page, pansexual, anxiety)
candy hearts by erin mclellan (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— william (mc, on page, pansexual)
can’t get you out of my bed by isla olsen (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— aidan (mc, on page, pansexual, homoromantic)
can’t take that away by steven salvatore (2021) (contemp, ya)
— phoebe (sc, on page, pansexual, black)
captive vampire by anne o’connell (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— roman (sc, on page, pansexual)
the cardplay duology (2021-2023) by brittany m. willows (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— iori (mc, pansexual) x
the care and feeding of waspish widows by olivia waite (2020) (adult, historical, romance)
— penelope (mc, pansexual) x
carnal cryptids series by vera valentine (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— finn (mc, on page, pansexual)
a case of madness by yvonne knop (2023) (adult, mystery, romance)
— mina (sc, pansexual) x
cassidy is queen by cameron james (2021) (contemp, na)
— casper (li, pansexual, demisexual, nonbinary) x
o casamento diferente do ceo by l.l. moon (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— heitor (li, pansexual) x
castaway heart series by l.c. mawson (2017) (adult, fantasy)
— dyna (sc, pansexual) x
— lyna (mc, pansexual) x
casual magic by dan ackerman (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— west (mc, on page, pansexual)
catalogue of disaster by amy-alex campbell (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jake (mc, demi/pansexual) x
chance by wendy rathbone (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— sin (sc, on page, pansexual)
change of momentum by liana brooks (2020) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— hollis salir (mc, pansexual) x
the changing of allison dutch by michón neal (2007) (fantasy, ya)
— jeffery (sc, panromantic, asexual, nonbinary, polyam)
— marie (sc, pansexual, aromantic)
changing the rules by brigham vaughn (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— gabriel (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
chaps & chastity by anitra lynn mcleod (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— dutton (mc, on page, pansexual)
charisma check by charlie novak (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— edward (mc, on page, pansexual)
the charm offensive by alison cochrum (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— parisa (sc, on page, pansexual, muslim)
chef’s choice by t.j. alexander (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— luna (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender)
cherrington duology by rebecca j. caffery (2020-2021) (contemp, ya)
— isaac (mc, on page, pansexual)
chilling effect series by valerie valdes (2019-2020) (adult, sci-fi)
— eva (mc, pansexual) x
chord by chelsea m. cameron (2018) (contemp, na, romance)
— elise (sc, on page, pansexual, asexual)
the christmas chevalier by meg mardell (2020) (adult, historical, romance)
— laura (mc, pansexual) x
christmas mountain by garrett leigh (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rami (mc, on page, pansexual)
christmas trio by shandi boyes (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— andrew (li, on page, pansexual)
— wesley (li on page, pansexual)
chronicles of jegra by tristan vick (2018-2020) (adult, sci-fi)
— jegra (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
chronicles of the guardians series by rita a. rubin (2021- ) (fantasy, ya)
— derek (mc, panromantic, demisexual) x
cinderellis by evie drae (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— henry (mc, on page, pansexual)
cinnamon roll by anna zabo (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— max (mc, on page, pansexual)
circus after dark series by chloe adler (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— alexander (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— jacob (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— oliver (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
the circus infinite by khan wong (2022) (adult, sci-fi)
— jes (mc, panromantic, asexual) x
city of spires series by claudie arseneault (2017) (adult, fantasy)
— larryn (mc, panromantic, grey-asexual) x
— vellien (sc, pansexual, genderqueer, anxiety) x
claiming her crown by mariah ankenman (2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— dax (mc, pansexual) x
claiming mrs. claus by r.m. virtues (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— idris (mc, pansexual, polyam, black) x
claiming the b in lgbt: illuminating the bisexual narrative edited by kate harrad (2018) (nonfiction)clan conroy bridges series by emma alisyn (2017) (contemp, fantasy)
— shifters (vcs, on page, pansexual)
classified lovers by kaydee robins (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— liam (mc, on page, pansexual)
clean break by erin mclellan (2019) (contemp, na, romance)
— alex (sc, on page, pansexual)
cleat cute by meryl wilsner (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— harmony (sc, on page, pansexual)
closer than blood series by jayne lockwood (2013-2014) (adult, contemp, romance)
— richard (mc, on page, pansexual)
club drift series by saffron hayes (2018-2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— carl (sc, on page, pansexual)
coded by rachel radner (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— simon (sc, on page, pansexual, demisexual)
coffee and conclusions by emma sterner-radley (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— riley (sc, on page, pansexual)
coils by barbara ann wright (2016) (fantasy, na, romance)
— underworlds (vcs, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
cold cases and bitter enemies by j.m. dabney (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— douglas (mc, on page, pansexual, black)
the coldest touch by isabel sterling (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— jordan (sc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
cold front by nikolai joslin (2017) (fantasy, ya)
— flick (sc, on page, panromantic, asexual)
cold snap by sam clover (2020) (adult, horror, romance)
— ben (sc, pansexual) x
compose by lily kay (2018) (contemp, na, romance)
— dave (sc, on page, pansexual)
concerto in chroma major by naomi tajedler (2018) (contemp, na)
— leonardo neri (sc, pansexual) x
confused (at the conference) by hanna dare (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— chase (li, on page, pansexual)
continuum by chella man (2021) (nonfiction)um conto de três torres by isabela vieira (2020) (contemp, ya)
— yuri (sc, pansexual) x
a cosmic kind of love by samantha young (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— althea (sc, on page, pansexual)
the councillor series by e.j. beaton (2021- ) (adult, fantasy)
— lysande (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
the country village christmas show by cathy lake (2020) (adult, contemp)
— kyle (sc, on page, pansexual)

courageous hearts by emmy sanders (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jameson (mc, on page, pansexual)
court of sin series by may sage (2018-2019) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— fae (various character, on page, pansexual, polyam)
a court of sugar and spice by rebecca f. kenney (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— fin (li, pansexual) x
court of the undying seasons by a.m. strickland (2023) (fantasty, ya)
— fin (mc, pansexual, demigirl) x
— gavron (li, pansexual) x
crazy old money by kilby blades (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— kate (sc, on page, pansexual)
crimson tears series by vaela denarr and micah iannandrea (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— carter (sc, pansexual) x
crownchasers duology by rebecca coffindaffer (2020-2021) (sci-fi, ya)
— alyssa (mc, pansexual) x
crown of aster by emmaline strange (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— adair (mc, pansexual) x
cruel and careless by bailey nicole (2021) (na, romance)
— ben (mc, on page, pansexual/questioning)
the cruel gods series by trudie skies (2021- ) (adult, fantasy)
— kayl (mc, pansexual) x
— quen (mc, pansexual, demisexual) x
crushing series by riley long (2019-2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ryan (mc, on page, pansexual)
— ben (sc, on page, pansexual)
cu hockey series by eden finley and saxon james (2020-2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— beck (mc, on page, pansexual)
— seth (mc, on page, pan, demisexual)
cupcake queens by darlene everly (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— olivia (sc, on page, pansexual)
the cupid crawl by hank edwards (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— harry (li, on page, pansexual)
a curse in ash by julie zantopoulos (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— lettie (sc, on page, pansexual)
the curse of avalon series by sariah skye (2017-2019) (adult, fantasy)
— rhys (mc, on page, pansexual)
cute mutants series by sj whitby (2020-2021) (sci-fi, ya)
— dylan (mc, on page, pansexual, genderfluid, social anxiety)
dad jokes and pine cones by c.j. banks (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ronan (li, pansexual/bisexual) x
— vinny (sc, pansexual/bisexual) x
dalí tamareia series by e.m. hamill (2017-2020) (adult, sci-fi)
— dalí (mc, pansexual, genderfluid) x
damaged dreams by kris butler (2020) (na, romance)
— soren (mc, on page, pansexual)
dance with the devil by kit rocha (2022) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— rafe (mc, pansexual) x
dancing with daddy by susan hawke (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— shane (mc, on page, pansexual)
a dandelion for tulip by r. cooper (2016) (fantasy, romance)
— flor (sc, on page, pansexual)
a dark and starless forrest by sarah hollowell (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— violet (sc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary, mexican-american)
dark city by sarah kay moll (2018) (adult, crime)
— ras (mc, pansexual, polyam)
the darkest edge by lyra blake (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sparrow (sc, on page, pansexual)
dark olympus series by katee robert (2021- ) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— persephone (mc, pansexual/bisexual/queer) x
— hades (mc, pansexual/bisexual/queer) x
— psyche (mc, pansexual/bisexual/queer) x
— eros (mc, pansexual/bisexual/queer) x
— helen (mc, pansexual/bisexual/queer) x
— achilles (mc, pansexual/bisexual/queer) x
— patroclus (mc, pansexual/bisexual/queer) x
dark rings by lainey delaroque (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— hana (mc, on page, pansexual, japanese)
dark soul series by aleksandr voinov (2011-2012) (adult, erotic, romance)
— silvio (mc, on page, pansexual)
darlings of new midnight by andrea speed (2019) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— logan (mc, on page, pansexual)
dating nashville by ann maree craven (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— becks (mc, on page, pansexual)
dead draw by layla reyne (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— levi (mc, on page, pansexual)
dear daddy, please want me by reese morrison (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— saul (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender)
death by society by sierra elmore (2022) (contemp, ya)
— abby (mc, on page, pansexual) x
debut by casey ashwood (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jett (mc, on page, pansexual)
decadent by elaine white (2014) (contemp, romance, ya)
— lachlan (mc, on page, pansexual)
defied by sarah bailey (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— eric (mc, on page, pansexual)
deixe o sol entrar by guilherme buiatti (2021) (contemp, na, romance)
— diogo (mc, pansexual) x
demming by avril ashton (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— hart (mc, on page, pansexual)
demon guardians by sky malone (2016-2020) (na, fantasy)
— incubi (vcs, on page, pansexual)
— sucubi (vcs, on page, pansexual)
— rafael (sc, on page, pansexual)
a demon’s guide to wooing a witch by sarah hawley (2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— astaroth (mc, pansexual) x
demon thief series by melissa polk (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— connor (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
— valentine (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
destination you by j.j. arias (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— raquel (mc, on page, pansexual)
devil’s day party by c.m. stunich (2020) (na, romance)
— luke (sc, on page, pansexual, genderfluid)
dewey belong together by ann whynot (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jonathan (mc, on page, pansexual)
different names for the same thing by francis gideon (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— theo (li, on page, pansexual, transgender)
dinner with the schnabels by toni jordan (2022) (adult, contemp)
— monica (sc, on page, pansexual)
dirty look by jane henry (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— davo (sc, on page, pansexual)
discord’s nightmare by jenn morales (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— discord (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
dissolution cycle series by william c. tracy (2017-2020) (adult, fantasy)
— sam (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
distant gardens edited by j.s. fields (2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— chris (li, on page, pan/bi)
— clara (li, on page, pansexual)
— mel (mc, on page, panromantic/biromantic, demisexual)
— beth (li, on page, pan/bi)
— karla (li, on page, pan/bi)
— emn (li, on page, pansexual)
dithered hearts by chace verity (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— myrick (mc, on page, pansexual, aromantic, transgender)
diviner’s game series by jennifer cody (2020-2021) (adult, fantasy)
— loki (mc, on page, pansexual)
— chanda (mc, on page, pansexual, queer)
does love always win? by diane billas (2023) (contemp, romance, ya)
— kristy (li, pansexual) x
domestic service by ella fenn (2021) (adult, contemp, erotica)
— rob (sc, on page, pansexual)
dominance of the heart by char dafoe (2022) (adult, erotica, romance)
— cass (mc, on page, pansexual)
the domination of chloe by al daltrey (2015) (adult, erotica)
— shanyn (sc, on page, pansexual)
don’t feed the trolls by erica kudisch (2017) (contemp, romance, ya)
— daphnis (mc, on page, pansexual, genderqueer, transgender)
the downtown pop underground by kembrew mcleod (2018) (nonfiction)dragonfire station series by zen dipietro (2016-2017) (adult, sci-fi)
— emé (mc, on page, pansexual)
dragon prophecies trilogy by shannon west and susan e. scott (2016-2018) (adult, fantasy)
— pure-blood dragons (vcs, on page, pansexual)
dragon tamer by ophelia silk (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— eivindr (li, pansexual) x
dragon tamer series by lila mina (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— naomi (mc, on page, pansexual, japanese-greek) x
— tsutaya (mc, pansexual, genderfluid) x
the dragos assistant by lizzie strong (2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— sofia (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— amadeus (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
drive me crazy by beth bolden (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— tony (mc, on page, pansexual)
dumb jock: the musical by jeff erno (2013) (contemp, ya)
— denise (sc, on page, pansexual)
dump stat by alex silver (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— laura (mc, on page, panromantic, asexual)
d’vaughn and kris plan a wedding by chenica c. higgins (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— margo (sc, on page, pansexual)
the dying fate by willow ravenheart (2017) (fantasy, ya)
— denny (sc, on page, pansexual)
each little universe by chris durston (2020) (na, sci-fi)
— all characters (vcs, pansexual) x
earth by helen j. perry (2019) (fantasy, na)
— varu (mc, on page, pansexual)
the edge of being by james brandon (2022) (contemp, ya)
— isaac (mc, pansexual, fluid) x
eight kinky nights by xan west (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jordan (mc, on page, pansexual, stone butch, polyam, autistic, disabled/cane user, fat, jewish, ptsd)
ela, videogames e muito sobre nós by koda gabriel (2019) (contemp, ya)
— cristina (li, on page, pansexual, transgender, black)
elemental evidence series by bellora quinn and sadie rose bermingham (2016-2018) (adult, fantasy, mystery thriller)
— rayne (sc, pansexual) x
ember academy for magical beings series by l.c. mawson (2020-2021) (fantasy, na)
— mers (vcs, on page, pansexual)
empire of light by alex harrow (2019) (adult, sci-fi)
— aris (li, pansexual, polyam) x
— raeyn (li, pansexual, ptsd) x
enquanto eu viver by leticia rosa (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— mabel (mc, pansexual, black) x
an epic construct by dawn cutler-tran (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— penelope (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary)
epitome apartments mystery series by candas jane dorsey (2020) (adult, mystery)
— (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual/ambisexual)
erik the pink by matthew j. metzger (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— erik (mc, on page, pansexual)
errant vol. 1 by l.k. fleet (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
eternal hoptimist by lee blair (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— parker (mc, on page, pansexual)
eu não sei parar de te olhar by lyli lua (2021) (adult, contemp)
— ágatha (mc, on page, pansexual, black)
evanstar series by sara codair (2018-2020) (adult, fantasy)
— baily (mc, pansexual, nonbinary, depression) x
— josé (li, pansexual) x
eva’s world: a real woman’s life by ella marques (2020) (adult, contemp)
— eva (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender)
even greater mistakes: stories by charlie jane anders (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— (mcs, pansexual/bisexual)
everafter series by dave justus (2017) (adult, fantasy)
— connor wolf (mc, pansexual)
every word you never said by jordon greene (2022) (contemp, ya)
— imani (sc, on page, pansexual, wiccan)
exit plans for teenage freaks by nathan burgoine (2018) (fantasy, ya)
— nat (sc, on page, pansexual, genderqueer)
exodus 20:3 by freydís moon (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— diego (mc, pansexual, transgender, latinx) x
expansion by s.e. cyborski (2016) (mystery, na)
— brandy (sc, on page, pansexual)
— darryl (sc, on page, pansexual, moc)
the explorer by phoebe alexander (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— abby (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)

exposed: a romance anthology by karen stivali (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— michael (li, pansexual)
extra time by charlie novak (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— hugo (mc, on page, pansexual)
extra witchy by ann aguirre (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— trevor (mc, pansexual, depression) x
fabricated by zoe lee (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— niko (mc, on page, pansexual)
fae schooled by emily carrington (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— brett (mc, on page, pansexual)
faith: taking flight by julie murphy (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— francesca (sc, on page, pansexual)
fake boyfriend series by eden finley (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— miller (mc, on page, pan/bi)
— max (mc, on page, pan/bi)
the fake date by trisha bradley (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— zack (mc, on page, pansexual)
fallen gods series by s.d. simper (2018- ) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— khastra (pansexual) x
— ilune (pansexual, genderfluid) x
the fallen star by d’angel (2019) (adult, erotica, fantasy)
— (mc, on page, pansexual)
falling for the mark by dominique davis (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— maya (mc, on page, pansexual, demisexual, black)
family and other catastrophes by alexandra borowitz (2018) (adult, contemp)
— lauren (sc, on page, pansexual, heteroromantic)
famous series by eden finley (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mason (mc, on page, pansexual)
the fantastic world by a. d. wills (2022) (fantasy, na)
— isabella (mc, pansexual) x
fat chance, charlie vega by crystal maldonado (2021) (contemp, ya)
— amelia (sc, on page, pansexual, black)
fate in suspension by archer kay leah (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— (mc, pansexual) x
fearless by r.g. alexander (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rig (li, on page, pansexual, polyam)
feather by feather and other stories by s.l. dove cooper (2016) (adult, fantasy, sci-fi)
— jules (mc, panromantic, asexual, nonbinary)
the fell of dark by caleb roehrig (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— jude (sc, on page, pansexual)
femmes fatale by amanda cherry and eric scott debie (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— ruby (mc, on page, pansexual)
fierce & fabulous by elizabeth varlet (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— fitch (mc, pansexual)
fifteen hundred miles from the sun by jonny garza villa (2021) (contemp, ya)
— lou (sc, on page, pansexual, latina)
fight + flight by jules machias (2022) (contemp, mg)
— avery (mc, on page, pansexual, eds)
fight for this by suki fleet (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— fairies (vcs, on page, pansexual)
fighting monsters series by sam hall (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— maddox (li, on page, pansexual)
filthy by katherine rhodes (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— sebastian (mc, on page, pansexual)
final curtain by j.b. trepagnier (2021) (fantasy, romance)
— bevan (mc, on page, pansexual)
final draft by riley redgate (2018) (contemp, ya)
— laila (mc, on page, pansexual, anxiety, depression, fat, ecuadorian/french-canadian)
fin & rye & fireflies by harry cook (2020) (contemp, ya)
— poppy (sc, on page, pansexual)
finding aurora by rebecca langham (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— talia (mc, pansexual) x
finding humanity series by branwen oshea (2020- ) (sci-fi, ya)
— kahali (mc, pansexual) x
finding me by stella rainbow (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— brady (mc, on page, pansexual)
the fire in my blood by chapel orahamm (2020) (adult, sci-fi)
— nigrae (mc, pansexual, pangender) x
fire on the ice by tamsen parker (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— blaze (mc, pansexual/queer) x
the first sister trilogy by linden a. lewis (2020-2022) (adult, sci-fi)
— hiro (mc, japanese, pansexual, nonbinary, genderqueer) x
— lito (mc, panromantic, asexual) x
five boroughs series by santino hassell (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— aiden (sc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— oli (sc, on page, pansexual)
— stephanie (sc, on page, pansexual)
the five queendoms series by greer macallister (2022-2023) (adult, fantasy)
— (sc, pansexual) x
the flames of albiyon by jean menzies (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— calder (sc, pansexual) x
flash me by k.m. neuhold (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— owen (mc, on page, pansexual)
flicker by elizabeth tybush (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— solin (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
flip the script by lyla lee (2022) (contemp, romance, ya)
— bryan (sc, on page, pansexual, korean)
flower power by nicolette dane (2019 (adult, contemp, romance)
— alex (li, on page, pansexual)
flowers and keyboards series by emmy engberts (2018) (contemp, ya)
— fleur (mc, on page, pansexual, adhd)
— izzy (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender)
the flowers of time by a.l. lester (2020) (adult, fantasy, mystery, romance)
— edie (mc, pansexual) x
foolish puckboy by eden finely and saxon james (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— aleks (mc, on page, pansexual)
the fool, the lovers, the devil by riley quinn (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— mary (li, on page, pansexual, demiromantic, polyam)
forbidden by renée dahlia (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— queenie (mc, pansexual, dyslexic) x
forbidden by samantha kroese (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— (sc, pansexual) x
the forest god’s favor by a.t. lander (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— anthos (mc, pansexual) x
forgotten monster by j. emery (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— sef (mc, pansexual) x
for real by r.a. frick (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jefferson (mc, on page, pansexual, demiromantic, mexican american, ptsd, disabled)
for the gods’ amusement series by catherine lievens (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— loki (mc, on page, pansexual)
— gods (vcs, on page, pansexual)
for the love of april french by penny aimes (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— april (mc, pansexual, transgender) x
fortuna academy series by j.n. terpagnier (2019) (fantasy, na, romance)
— azriel (li, on page, pansexual, polyam)
forward march by skye quinlan (2022) (contemp, ya)
— sarah (sc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
foul is fair by jeffrey cook and katherine perkins (2015) (fantasy, ya)
— cassia (sc, on page, pansexual)
foundation by ann aguirre (2012) (horror, sci-fi, ya)
— robin (mc, pansexual)
freedom in falling by j. emery (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— noah (mc, on page, pansexual, anxiety, adhd)
friday i’m love by camryn garrett (2023) (contemp, ya)
— mahalia (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual/questioning)
the friendship equation by j.r. gray (2021) (contemp, na, romance)
— harden (li, on page, pansexual)
from the dark we came by j. emery (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— belar (mc, demisexual, panromantic, chronic pain) x
from within by j.m. walker (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— xander (mc, on page, pansexual)
full balance by brigham vaughn (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— austin (sc, on page, pansexual)
full contact by kelly fox (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— parker (sc, on page, pansexual)
full moon in leo by brooklyn ray (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— cole (mc, pansexual, anxiety)
galen by jaclyn osborn (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— bellamy (sc, on page, pansexual)
gallows hill academy series by d.r. perry (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— diego (sc, on page, pansexual)
the gargoyles of arrington series by jenn burke (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— rian (sc, on page, pansexual)
gay l. a. by lillian faderman and stuart timmons (2006) (nonfiction)gay wizard series by v.s. santoni (2019-2020) (fantasy, ya)
— alison (mc, pansexual, transgender)
— blake (sc, pansexual)
gemini dreams by philip zander (2020) (adult, mystery)
— kyden (mc, pansexual) x
a gentleman in the street by alisha rai (2014) (adult, erotica, romance)
— akira (mc, pansexual)
getting bi: voices of bisexuals around the world by robyn ochs (2005) (nonfiction)ghost by j.m. dabney (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— gideon (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
ghostly travels series by natasja rose (2015-2016) (adult, fantasy)
— tina (mc, on page, pansexual)
ginger snapping all the way by gabbi grey (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ravi (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual, indian)
the girl at midnight series by melissa grey (2015-2017) (fantasy, ya)
— jasper (sc, pansexual) x
the girl from everywhere series by heidi heilig (2016-2017) (fantasy, ya)
— kash (li, pansexual, persian)
glass fate series by john cordial (2017-2020) (adult, fantasy)
— reynardine (sc, pansexual) x
gods and demons series by kaye draper (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— chike (li, on page, pansexual, polyam)
gods of hunger series by r.m. virtues (2021- ) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— aphrodite (mc, pansexual, transgender, woc) x
— persephone (mc, pansexual, transgender, black) x
— dionysos (mc, pansexual, fat, moc) x
— achilles (mc, pansexual, black) x
— patroclus (mc, pan/demisexual, transgender, moc) x
— ero (mc, pansexual, moc) x
going public by hudson lin (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ray (mc, pansexual, chinese) x
the golden age by eve morton (2021) (adult, contemp)
— sebastian (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
— logan (sc, on page, pansexual)
golden boys by phil stamper (2022) (contemp, ya)
— (sc, on page, pansexual)
golden boys by whitney bianca (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— luke (mc, on page, pansexual)
goldie & the bears by hannah murray (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— theo (sc, pansexual) x
good angel series by a.m. blaushild (2017-2018) (urban fantasy. ya)
— iofiel (mc, panromantic, asexual)
got me looking by casey cox (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— tate (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
the grasp of time by raven j. demers (2017) (fantasy, na)
— aeri (li, pansexual) x
— eila (mc, pansexual) x

grave reflection by a. lawrence (2020) (fantasy, na)
— duncan (sc, pansexual)
a gravidade de júpiter by ariel f. hitz (2019) (contemp, romance, ya)
— jupiter (pansexual, transgender) x
the grief nurse by angie spoto (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— lynx (mc, pansexual) x
griff by ana night (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sam (mc, on page, pansexual)
grim and bear it by heather novak (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— jake (mc, on page, pansexual)
grisha series by leigh bardugo (2015-2016) (fantasy, ya)
— jesper fahey (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
the grounded series by darcy marks (2022-2023) (fantasy, mg)
— mal (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
the gryphon king’s consort by jenn burke (2017) (fantasy, na)
— eirian (mc, on page, pansexual, homoromantic)
— gryphons (vcs, on page, pansexual, homoromantic)
a guide to pansexuality by nelson vegas (2019) (nonfiction)the halloween surprise by seth king (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— josh (mc, on page, pansexual)
hammer falls series by tal frost (2022- ) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— jin (mc, on page, pansexual, half-korean)
handmade with love by rachel bowdler (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— stevie (mc, pansexual, fat) x
hard rock harlots series by kendall grey (2013-2021) (adult, erotica)
— letty (mc, on page, pansexual)
hard to find by chace verity (2018) (contemp, fantasy, ya)
— gabriel (sc, on page, pansexual, homoromantic)
hard wired by megan erickson and santino hassell (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lyrix (sc, on page, pansexual)
the harem at the end of the galaxy series by kyle kenze (2018) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— brandy (sc, on page, pansexual)
the harem protagonist was turned into a girl!! and doesn’t want to change back!!!?? by fern v. bedek (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— svetlana (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender, polyam)
harmonious hearts 2015 edited by anne regan (2015) (anthology, romance)
— will (mc, pansexual)
harmony for my mate by terri a. wilson (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— skylar (li, on page, pansexual/unlabeled)
the hartwell sisters saga by flora quincy (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— all characters (vcs, on page, pansexual)
hathor reborn by elizabeth spring (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— hathor (mc, pansexual/asexual) x
— dieties/gods (vcs, pansexual) x x
haunt your heart out by amber roberts (2024) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lex (mc, pansexual) x
havesskadi by ava kelly (2018) (adult, fantasy)
— arkeva (mc, pansexual) x
— orsie (mc, panromantic, asexual) x
have we met? by camille baker (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— niqua (sc, on page, pansexual)
havoc & happiness by wren handman (2022) (contemp, ya)
— michaela (mc, on page, pansexual)
headless by aveda vice (2021) (adult, erotica, fantasy, romance)
— brom (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— ichabod (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— katrina (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
a healing story by abrianna denae (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— neil (mc, on page, pansexual)
heard it in a love song edited by michelle brown (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— skyler (li, on page, pansexual, nonbinary)
heart and seoul by erin kinsella (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— tessa (mc, on page, panromantic, demisexual, half latina)
— min jae (sc, pan, korean) x
heart beats by davidson king (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ledger (mc, on page, pansexual)
the heartbreak bakery by a.r. capetta (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— d.c. (sc, on page, pansexual)
the heartbreak handshake by j.r. hart (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— remi (mc, pan/bi, asexual, nonbinary, adhd) x
hearts of clay and tempest by elizabeth hunter (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— darcy (mc, pansexual) x
hearts: pansexual poetry collection by mitch reynolds (2016) (nonfiction)hedge witches lonely hearts club series by amy lane (2020-2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— mack (mc, on page, pansexual)
the hedonist series by rebecca james (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jeo (mc, on page, pansexual)
heinlein’s finches by robyn banks (2016) (adult, fantasy)
— taua (mc, on page, pansexual, genderqueer)
hell’s library trilogy by a.j. hackwith (2019-2021) (adult, fantasy)
— claire (mc, on page, pansexual)
hep cats of boise series by al hess (2019-2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— jax (li, pansexual/bisexual, latinx) x
— mazarin (mc, panromantic, greyasexual, genderfluid) x
— em (li, pansexual/bisexual, agender, disabled) x
her cowboy bears by tabitha o’dell (2015) (adult, erotica, fantasy)
— austin (li, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
— eli (li, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
her stubborn warrior by kaylee pike and kyra keys (2022) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— huno (mc, on page, pansexual)
her two men in tahiti by dana delemar and kristine cayne (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rod (mc, on page, pansexual)
hey jude by star spider (2020) (contemp, ya)
— penny (mc, on page, pansexual)
high heat by annabeth albert (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— garrick (mc, on page, pansexual, disabled)
high strangeness by eric bickernicks (2018) (adult, sci-fi)
— fornacisians (vcs, on page, pansexual, genderfluid)
his heart knows by riley long (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sawyer (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
hitman daddy by aster rae (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— igor (sc, on page, pansexual)
holding onto day by e.h. timms (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— evvi (mc, pansexual, aromantic, genderqueer, cane user) x
hold me down by sara taylor woods (2018) (adult, erotica, romance)
— mallory duvall (sc, pansexual, demiromantic) x
hold the door by vinni george (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— max (mc, on page, pansexual)
a holiday crush by cjane elliott (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jordan (sc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary, polyam)
the hollow star saga by ashley shuttleworth (2021-2022) (fantasy, ya)
— arlo (mc, on page, pansexual)
the hollow sun series by d.l. wainright (2015-2017) (adult, fantasy)
— eva (sc, panromantic, asexual) x
— loki (sc, pansexual, genderfluid) x
— ren (sc, pansexual) x
— sigyn (sc, pansexual) x
the home i find with you by skye kilaen (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— van (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
homesick at space camp by francis gideon (2016) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— eastyn (mc, on page, pansexual)
hometown jasper series by nicky james (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lucky (mc, on page, pansexual, demisexual)
honest lies by sam larose (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jordan (mc, on page, pansexual, acespec, polyam)
honestly ben by bill konigsberg (2017) (contemp, ya)
— hannah (li, on page, pansexual)
honeymoon for one by rachel bowdler (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— neve (mc, on page, pansexual)
hooked on you by k. evan coles (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— connor (mc, on page, pan/bi)
house of sicarii series by adrienne wilder (2020) (adult, crime, romance)
— jacob (mc, on page, pansexual)
howl down the moon by layla dorine (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— (mc, pansexual) x
how not to summon your true love by sasha l. miller (2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— cy (mc, panromantic, asexual)
how queer! by faith beauchemin (2016) (nonfiction)how to be good by chace verity (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rian (mc, on page, pansexual)
how to find a missing girl by victoria wlosok (2023) (mystery thriller, ya)
— iris (mc, on page, pansexual) x
how to find a princess by alyssa cole (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— beznaria (mc, on page, pansexual/queer, black)
how to forgive by susan hawke (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— wolf (mc, on page, pansexual)
how to sell your blood and fall in love by d.n. bryn (2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— justin (mc, pansexual, chronic pain) x
how we ricochet by faith gardner (2022) (contemp, ya)
— betty (mc, on page, pansexual)
— michael (sc, on page, pansexual)
hullmetal girls by emily skrutskie (2018) (sci-fi, ya)
— woojin (scs, on page, pansexual, asian)
human enough by e.s. yu (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— noah (mc, on page, pansexual, autistic, chinese-american)
hunger duet by aveda vice (2021) (erotica, fantasy, romance)
— avirin (mc, pansexual) x
— pye (li, pansexual, genderqueer) x
hunted by t.c. rasch (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— cheyenne (mc, on page, pansexual)
hunting season by kate rudolph (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— luna (sc, on page, pansexual)
hurricane reese by r.l. merrill (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— reese (mc, on page, pansexual)
the husband hoax by saxon james (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— seven (sc, on page, pansexual)
i am sebastian by cameron james (2022) (contemp, ya)
— sebastian (mc, pansexual) x
i bought him, so he’s mine by kaylee pike and kyra keys (2022) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— ghin (mc, on page, pansexual)
icebreaker by a.l. graziadei (2022) (contemp, romance, ya)
— mickey (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
icebreaker by hannah grace (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jj (sc, on page, pansexual)
the ice princess’s fair illusion by s.l. dove cooper (2018) (fantasy, retelling)
— edel (mc, pan, asexual, aromantic) x
if only you by chloe liese (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sebastian (mc, on page, pansexual)
ilavanian dreams series by kaija rayne (2017) (adult, erotica, fantasy)
— li (li, pansexual, nonbinary) x
— mael (mc, pansexual, autistic) x
illusions & dreams by z. allora (2014) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jake (mc, on page, pansexual)
the image of deception by charlotte anne hamilton (2018) (na, romance)
— megan (mc, on page, pansexual, woc)
the immortality trials trilogy by madison nicole (2022- ) (adult, fantasy)
— lux (sc, on page, pansexual)
immortal stream: children of the gods series by crea reitan (2020-2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— gods (vcs, on page, pansexual)
incandescent by christina lee (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— harmony (sc, on page, pansexual)
in deeper waters by f.t. lukens (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— tal (mc, pansexual/bisexual)
indigo: nights by adrian j. smith (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jewel (mc, on page, pansexual)
the inferno verse series by t.r. tells (2021-2023) (fantasy, mg)
— keisha (mc, pansexual, black) x
the ingenious mechanical devices series by kara jorgensen (2016-2019) (adult, fantasy, sci-fi)
— nadir (mc, pansexual) x
inheritance series by a.k. faulkner (2016-2019) (na, fantasy)
— freddy (mc, pansexual) x
— quentin d’arcy (mc, pansexual, demisexual) x
inked temptation by carrie ann ryan (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— killian (mc, on page, pansexual)
in over our heads by cjane elliott (2017) (fantasy, romance)
— miles (sc, on page, pansexual, genderfluid)
the inquisition series by casey wolfe (2018-2019) (fantasy, ya)
— marcus (mc, pansexual, disabled, ptsd)
inside the lines by ally bishop (2015) (adult, contemp, erotica)
— stephen (sc, on page, pansexual)
the insufferable mr. fletcher by lindo forbes (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— junior (mc, pansexual, afro-latina) x
interior design for demons by rebecca f. kenney (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— apollyon (li, pansexual) x
the international language by jen luerssen (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— paul (mc, on page, pansexual)
in the case of heartbreak by courtney kae (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— adam (li, pansexual) x
in the city of time series by gwendolyn clare (2022-2024) (historical, ya)
— willa (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
in the pines by mariah stillbrook (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— ellie (mc, pansexual) x
in the ravenous dark by a.m. strickland (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— rovan (mc, pansexual) x
— japha (sc, panromantic, asexual, nonbinary, poc) x
into the real by z. brewer (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— lloyd (sc, on page, pansexual)
the invisible life of addie la rue by v.e. schwab (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— addie (mc, pansexual) x
— henry (li, pansexual) x

ironspark by c.m. mcguire (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— bryn (mc, on page, pan/bi)
iron widow series by xiran jay zhao (2021-2024) (fantasy, ya)
— wu zetian (mc, pan/bi, polyam, chinese, cane/wheelchair user) x
— li shimin (li, pan/bi, polyam, biracial, alcoholism) x
— gao yizhi (li, pan/bi, polyam, chinese) x
irresistible dragons series by nora phoenix (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— wilmer (mc, on page, pansexual)
irresponsible puckboy by eden finley and saxon james (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— dex (mc, on page, pansexual)
island of exiles by erica cameron (2017) (fantasy, ya)
— etaro (sc, panromantic, asexual, nonbinary) x
isolation series by taylor brooke (2016) (adult, fantasy, sci-fi)
— brookyln harper (mc, pansexual)
— nicoli decker (sc, pansexual, genderfluid)
it goes like this by miel moreland (2021) (contemp, ya)
— steph (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary)
it’s not unusual to be loved by an alien by chloe archer (2022) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— ellie (sc, on page, pansexual)
i wish you all the best by mason deaver (2019) (contemp, ya)
— mariam (sc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary, muslim hijabi)
jamison by a.n. waugh (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jamison (mc, on page, pansexual)
the java tavern series by elizabeth garver (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy)
— eliza (mc, pansexual)
jedi: battle scars by sam maggs (2023) (adult, sci-fi)
— merrin (mc, pansexual) x
jess, chunk, and the road trip to infinity by kristin elizabeth clark (2016) (contemp, ya)
— chuck (mc, on page, pansexual)
jilted by lilah suzanne (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— link (li, on page, pansexual, queer, nonbinary)
jilted: jaren by nora phoenix (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— nordin (sc, on page, pansexual)
jon’s crazy head-boppin’ mystery by a.j. sherwood (2019) (adult, fantasy, mystery, romance)
— garrett (sc, on page, pansexual)
joyless by nyla k. (2021) (adult, crime, romance)
— velle (mc, on page, pansexual)
— joy (mc, on page, pansexual)
jt’s mission by rosie jarvis (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— growler (mc, on page, pansexual)
jude by catherine lievens (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— nester (sc, on page, pansexual)
just a touch away by jae (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— hannah (mc, on page, pansexual, aphantasia) x
just one date by chelsea m. cameron (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— hollis (mc, on page, pansexual)
just one night by chelsea m. cameron (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— paige (mc, on page, pansexual)
— esme (li, pansexual) x
the kavordian library series by chapel orahamm (2020-2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— cashia (sc, pansexual) x
— corbin (mc, pansexual)
— eoin (mc, pansexual, pangender) x
— fane (mc, pansexual, grey/demi) x
— marduk (sc, pansexual) x
— nathaniel (mc, pansexual, pangender) x
— tereza (sc, pansexual, pangender) x
keep the gender receipt by emma lindhagen (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— (li, pansexual) x
kennedy is king by cameron james (2021) (contemp, ya)
— stephen (li, on page, pansexual, transgender)
kieran by avery tu and kota quinn (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— theo (mc, on page, pansexual)
a kind of magic by ryder phoenix (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— ren (mc, on page, pansexual)
— galia population (vcs, on page, pansexual)
the kindred by alechia dow (2022) (sci-fi, ya)
— felix (mc, pansexual, moc)
king & queen by maz maddoz (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— royal (mc, on page, pansexual)
the king of trials by d.l. sims (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— anslo (sc, pansexual) x
— aroz (mc, pansexual) x
— grant (mc, pansexual) x
king’s ex by e.j. russell (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— bastien (mc, on page, pansexual)
kink camp: hunted by a. anders (2022) (adult, contemp, erotica, romance)
— liev (mc, on page, pansexual)
— max (sc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
a knight’s revenge series by elizabeth dear (2022) (contemp, na, romance)
— max (sc, on page, pansexual)
knit two together by ariel tachna (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— travis (mc, on page, pansexual)
knowing her by raquel de leon (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lian (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
kozlov chronicles series by elena sobol (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— min-ho (sc, on page, pansexual, korean)
the lady’s crownbearer by kristina kelly and jonathan fuller (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— kilahym (mc, pansexual) x
lambs can always become lions by charlotte anne hamilton (2017) (fantasy, romance, ya)
— allan-a-dale (sc, pansexual)
last bus to everland by sophie cameron (2019) (fantasy, ya)
— jett (sc, on page, pansexual, wheelchair user)
the last days conclude by chris ayala (2017) (adult, sci-fi)
— pierre (sc, on page, pansexual, blind)
last resort by helene gadot (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— brooke (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— darius (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
lead me astray by sondi warner (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— zyr ravani (mc, pansexual, punjabi) x
learned reactions by jayce ellis (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mr. jackson (sc, on page, pansexual)
learning curves series by ceillie simkiss (2018) (contemp, na)
— cora (li, on page, panromantic, asexual, adhd)
learn the rules by leighton greene (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— dorian (sc, on page, pansexual)
leather and lace by magen cubed (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— dorian (mc, pansexual, genderqueer) x
legendborn trilogy by tracy deonn (2020- ) (fantasy, ya)
— selwyn (sc, pansexual) x
leo and his lion by andi james and lila wilde (2019) (adult, erotica, romance)
— dylan (mc, on page, pansexual)
let the light shine through by a. marie (2022) (contemp, na, romance)
— gia (mc, on page, pansexual)
the liar’s guide to the night sky by brianna shrum (2020) (contemp, romance, ya)
— jonah (li, on page, pansexual, aromantic, polyam)
the life and times of angel evans by meredith debonnaire (2016) (adult, fantasy, short story)
— angel evans (mc, pansexual, depression) x
the lifeline signal by roanna sylver (2017) (sci-fi, ya)
— shiloh (sc, pan/bi, demisexual, nonbinary) x
the life revamp by kris ripper (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mason (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
lillac town series by m. hollis (2016-2017) (na, romance)
— chris morrison (mc, on page, pansexual)
lily’s world by margaux fox (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lily (li, on page, pansexual)
litha’s constant whim by amy lane (2010) (fantasy, na, romance)
— whim (mc, on page, pansexual)
little & lion by brandy colbert (2017) (contemp, ya)
— rafaela (li, on page, pansexual)
lizzie blake’s best mistake by mazey eddings (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lizzie (mc, pansexual, adhd) x
loki: where mischief lies by mackenzi lee (2019) (fantasy, ya)
— loki (mc, pansexual, genderfluid) x
london, actually by clare lydon (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— tracey (sc, on page, pansexual)
the long game by anna martin (2021) (adult, crime, romance)
— calvin (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
looking for group by rory harrison (2017) (contemp, ya)
— arden (li, on page, pansexual)
loom saga by elise kova (2017) (fantasy, steampunk, ya)
— ari (mc, pansexual) x
lost and found by j. holland (2017) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— nerissa (mc, on page, panromantic, asexual)
the lost cause by cory doctorow (2023) (adult, sci-fi)
— brooks (mc, on page, pansexual/queer)
lost touch duet by aveda vice (2021-2022) (adult, erotica, fantasy, romance)
— agony (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— harbin (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— flint (li, pansexual, polyam) x
the loudest silence by olivia janae (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— kate (mc, on page, pansexual)
love & other disasters by anita kelly (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— london (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary)
love and other wicked things by philline harms (2023) (fantasy, na, romance)
— quinn (sc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary, chinese)
love, anon by bryony rosehurst (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rosie (mc, on page, pansexual)
love at knockdown series by skye kilaen (2020-2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— allie (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— vivi (li, on page, pansexual)
— will (mc, on page, pansexual)
#lovehim series by s.m. james (2018-2019) (romance, ya)
— darien (mc, on page, pansexual)
love is love series by nyla k. (2019-2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ben (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
loveless by alice oseman (2020) (contemp, na)
— rooney (sc, on page, pansexual)
love letters for joy by melissa see (2023) (contemp, ya)
— joy (mc, on page, panromantic, asexual, fat, cerebral palsy)
— nathaniel (mc, on page, pansexual, asthma)
love limits by reese morrison (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— zhong (mc, on page, panromantic, asexual, chinese-american, deaf)
love me gently by e.m. dennings (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jason (mc, on page, pansexual)
love’s bequest by blake allwood (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— eric (mc, on page, panromantic/pansexual, demisexual)
love’s divine by ava freeman (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— zuri (mc, on page, pansexual, black)
love songs for circumnavigation by hannah lamarre (2020) (na, romance, short story)
— alma (mc, panromantic, asexual) x
the love study by kris ripper (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mason (sc, on page, pansexual, black)
love you like that by scarlett cole (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— alex (mc, on page, pansexual)
lucky by garrett leigh (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lucky (mc, on page, pansexual)
lughnasadh elite academy series by layla heart (2019) (fantasy, na)
— litha (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— rune (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
lunar new love by ophelia silk (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— minh (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary, agender, adhd, vietnamese)
lunatics series by navessa allen (2019-2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— natalie (sc, on page, pansexual)
mage marine misfits by derek wallace (2018) (adult, sci-fi)
— jordan (sc, on page, pansexual)
magic for liars by sarah gailey (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— miranda (sc, on page, pansexual, chinese)
magic in her kisses by ruan willow (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— alicia (mc, pansexual/bisexual)
maiden of the hollow path by shar khan (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— shahina (mc, pansexual) x
make me stay by annabeth albert (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— holden (mc, on page, pansexual)
making a mistress series by c. pells (2019) (adult, erotica, romance)
— collette (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
mall american girl by sarah robinson (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— summer (mc, on page, pansexual)
man o’ war by cory mccarthy (2022) (contemp, ya)
— river (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary, arab american, anxiety, depression)
the mark of noba by g.l. tomas (2015) (fantasy, ya)
— tetra (mc, pansexual)
— sterling (mc, pansexual)
the marriage rival by kat t. masen (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sandy (sc, on page, pansexual)
masterpiece by h.j. welch (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— koby (mc, on page, pansexual)
— vince (mc, on page, pansexual)
matched by my rival by d.j. jamison (2021) (contemp, na, romance)
— parker (mc, on page, pansexual)
match with the demon by chace verity (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— lazlo (li, pansexual, homoromantic) x
mate meet online series by anya bryne (2015-2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— shifters (vcs, on page, pansexual)

meet me on st. patrick’s day by bryony rosehurst (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— brennan (li, on page, pansexual, fat)
the merciful crow series by margaret owen (2019-2020) (fantasy, ya)
— tavin (mc, pansexual) x
mercy and starlight by bridgette valentine (adult, fantasy, romance)
— mercy (mc, pansexual) x
merry faking christmas by della cain (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— pierce (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
metanoia by cora menestrelli (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— william (mc, on page, pansexual)
meticulous by daniel white (2023) (adult, thriller)
— marcus (mc, pansexual) x
midnight academy by may sage (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— nikandre (mc, on page, pansexual)
— immortals (vcs, on page, pansexual)
the midnight twelve by hairann (2019) (adult, historical, romance)
— ezra (mc, pansexual) x
miles away from you by a.b. rutledge (2018) (contemp, ya)
— miles (mc, on page, pansexual, demisexual)
milestone by j. hayden bailey (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mason (mc, on page, pansexual)
a milky way home by hsinju chen (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— yen-chen (mc, on page, demi-panromantic, asexual, genderqueer, transmasc, taiwanese, myopia)
minuet by a.m. leibowitz (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mack (mc, pansexual, aromantic, alcoholism) x
the mirror season by anna-marie mclemore (2021) (fantasy, retelling, ya)
— graciela (mc, on page, pansexual, mexican, ptsd)
missing linc by rhys lawless (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— linc (mc, on page, pansexual, black)
miss meteor by tehlor kay mejia and anna-marie mclemore (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— chicky (mc, on page, pansexual, latinx)
mist deep by r.j. longbottom (2015) (fantasy, na)
— kalyah (mc, pansexual) x
mistletoe in the marigny by kyle baxter (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— enrico (sc, on page, pansexual)
mobsters + billionaires series by kelly fox (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— luca (mc, on page, pansexual)
moon dark smile by tessa gratton (2022) (fantasy, ya)
— raliel (mc, pansexual) x
moon illusion by michelle osgood (2018) (adult, paranormal)
— nathan (mc, pansexual)
mother, dearest series by patrick scattergood (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— satara (sc, pansexual, nonbinary) x
mothmen by kaija rayne (2016) (adult, erotica, fantasy)
— jai (li, on page, pansexual)
mouth to mouth by cara malone (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sarah (mc, on page, pansexual)
mr. march names the stars by rivka aarons-hughes (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— nash (li, on page, panromantic, asexual, transgender, black, pagan)
mr. next door by joe satoria (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— preston (mc, on page, pansexual)
mud & lace by jay northcore (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— wicksy (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
murder most unladylike series by robin stevens (2014-2020) (mg, mystery, ya)
— amina (sc, pansexual) x
music lights & never afters by c.l. matthews (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— madden (mc, on page, pansexual)
my fake canadian wife by m. hollis (2019) (na, romance)
— abby (li, on page, pansexual)
my heart goes bang by keris stainton (2018) (contemp, na)
— paige (li, on page, pansexual)
my mate by castiel gutierrez (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— billie (mc, on page, pansexual)
my name is ayla by phetra h. novak (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— peter (mc, pansexual)
my roommate romeo by billie bloom (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— cruz (sc, on page, pansexual)
natan & lino series by henri b. neto (2019-2020) (contemp, ya)
— natan (li, pansexual) x
neck-romancer by elizabeth dunlap (2019) (na, fantasy, romance)
— alec (li, on page, pansexual)
neog series by k.b. wagers (2020-2023) (adult, sci-fi)
— jenks (sc, pansexual) x
nestor by catherine lievens (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— nestor (mc, on page, pansexual)
never-contented things by sarah porter (2019) (fantasy, ya)
— josh (mc, on page, pansexual)
never just friends series by saxon james (2020-2021) (contemp, na, romance)
— circus (mc, on page, pansexual)
never kiss your roommate by philline harms (2021) (contemp, ya)
— jasper (li, on page, pansexual)
nevermore bookshop mysteries series by steffanie holmes (2019) (fantasy, na, romance)
— morrie (li, on page, pansexual)
new tricks by j.d. light (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— byrum (mc, on page, pan/bi, black)
the night of your life by lydia sharp (2020) (sci-fi, ya)
— marcos (sc, on page, pansexual, puerto rican)
night owls and summer skies by rebecca sullivan (2020) (contemp, ya)
— vivian (li, on page, pansexual)
the nine worlds rising series by lyra wolf (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— loki (mc, pansexual/bisexual, genderfluid) x
no cure required by stefanie simpson (2019) (adult, erotica, romance)
— matt (mc, on page, pansexual)
no experience required by kimberly cooper griffin (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— audie (sc, on page, pansexual)
no man’s lander series by d.n. bryn (2022-2023) (adult, fantasy)
— tavish (li, pansexual) x
no more heroes series by michelle kan (2015-2020) (fantasy, ya)
— rehua (sc, grey-panromantic, grey-asexual, samoan) x
nonbinary, trans, pan, and lovesick by e.s. corby (2023) (nonfiction)northern circle coven series by pat esden (2018-2020) (fantasy, na, romance)
— emily (mc, on page, pansexual)
no surrender by nora phoenix (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jesse (sc, on page, pansexual)
not good for maidens by tori bovalino (2022) (fantasy, horror, ya)
— neela (sc, on page, pansexual)
not guilty by brit ryder (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jenn (sc, on page, pansexual)
nothing happened by molly booth (2018) (contemp, ya)
— hana (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
nothing zero by steven warren (2014) (adult, horror, fantasy)
— nothing (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
not quite out by louise willingham (2021) (contemp, na, romance)
— lilley (sc, pansexual) x
not the marrying kind by jae (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sasha (mc, on page, pansexual)
not your type by elizabeth jeannel (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— willow (sc, on page, pansexual, deaf)
now a major motion picture by cory mccarthy (2018) (contemp, ya)
— shoshanna (sc, on page, pansexual/queer, filipino)
o come all ye kellys by isla olsen (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— aidan (mc, on page, pansexual)
offbeat crimes series by angel martinez (2015-2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— alex (mc, on page, pansexual)
off beat series by a.m. arthur (2016-2017) (adult, erotica, romance)
— van (mc, on page, pansexual)
an offering of plums by j. emery (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— tristan (mc, pansexual) x
off the deep end by lizzie strong (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— queenie (mc, on page, pansexual, eating disorder)
of kindred and stardust by archer kay leah (2019) (adult, sci-fi)
— dath (mc, panromantic, demisexual, polyam) x
— kytzia (mc, pansexual/bisexual, polyam) x
— mack (mc, pansexual, nonbinary/genderqueer, transgender, polyam) x
omega’s embrace by wolf specter (2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— shifters (various character, on page, pansexual)
omega’s study partner by hope bennett (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— angelo (mc, on page, pansexual)
once & future series by a.r. capetta and cory mccarthy (2019) (fantasy, ya)
— ari (mc, pansexual) x
— lamarack (sc, pan, nonbinary, polyam, black, disabled)
once stolen by d.n. bryn (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— cacao (mc, pansexual, autistic) x
once upon an adventure by j.e. mueller (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— nadia (mc, on page, pansexual, chinese)
— melanie (sc, on page, pansexual)
one last stop by casey mcquiston (2021) (contemp, na, sci-fi)
— winfield (sc, on page, pansexual, jamaican)
one night with you by laura jane williams (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jackson (sc, on page, pansexual)
one night with you by sky mccoy (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ellis (sc, on page, pansexual)
one step at a time by lily seabrooke (2022) (contemp, na, romance)
— dana (mc, on page, pansexual)
— serafina (sc, on page, pansexual)
one week with his stepbrother by kelex (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— kyle (sc, on page, pansexual)
the one who loves you the most by medina (2022) (contemp, mg)
— héctor (sc, on page, pansexual/bisexual, guatemalan)
only for the summer by shannon o’connor (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sienna (mc, pansexual) x
on the other side by carrie hope fletcher (2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— isla (sc, on page, pansexual)
open hearts by k. evan coles (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— emmett (li, on page, pansexual)
opening lines by jeris jean (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sam (sc, on page, pansexual)
open season by sonni de soto (2018) (adult, sci-fi)
— juli (mc, pansexual, polyam)
open waters by sophia soames (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— tom (mc, on page, pansexual)
operation escape by landra graf (2023) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— markus (mc, pansexual) x
ophelia after all by racquel marie (2022) (contemp, ya)
— zaq (sc, on page, pansexual, black)
the orchid and the lion by gabriel hargrave (2021) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— laith (li, on page, pansexual, transgender)
— frank (sc, pansexual, nonbinary) x
orc matched series by carlotta hughes (2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— rhuger (mc, pansexual, ied) x
the order duet by kris butler (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— cohen (mc, on page, pansexual)
our bloody pearl by d.n. bryn (2018) (adult, fantasy)
— dejean (li, panromantic, asexual) x
our fae queen series by traci lovelot (2021-2022) (fantasy, na, romance)
— lyall (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— rorik (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— valente (sc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— angel (sc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— fae (vcs, on page, pansexual, polyam)
the ouroboros series by h.e. edgmon (2023-2024) (fantasy, ya)
— gem (mc, pansexual, arospec, nonbinary, ptsd, personality disorder) x
our own private universe by robin talley (2017) (contemp, ya)
— christa (li, on page, pansexual)
our way by t.l. swan (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— nathan (mc, on page, pansexual)
out by tatum west and beau lake (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— vince (mc, on page, pansexual)
out now: queer we go again! edited by saundra mitchell (2020) (contemp, fantasy, ya)
— cass (li, on page, pansexual, choctaw)
— dustyn (mc, on page, pansexual)
— lane (sc, on page, pansexual, agender)
out of character by jenna miller (2023) (contemp, ya)
— taylor (li, on page, pansexual)
out of uniform series by annabeth albert (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— bacon (mc, on page, pansexual, ptsd)
outside the lines by caitlin ricci (2017) (adult, contemp)
— andy (sc, on page, pansexual)
pagham-on-sea series by c.m. rosens (2021) (adult, horror)
— wes (mc, pansexual/omnisexual, demiromantic, polyam) x
the painted phoenix by sarah kay moll (2020) (adult, crime)
— ras (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
pansexuality: a panoply of co-constructed narratives by karen morgaine (2020) (nonfiction)paradise lodge by riina y.t. (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— azariah (mc, on page, pansexual)
the paranormal detectives series by lily luchesi (2015-2019) (adult, fantasy)
— angelica (mc, on page, pansexual)
partners in crime by rachel bowdler (2021) (adult, contemp, mystery)
— thea (mc, on page, pansexual)
a party for lola by caitlin ricci (2019) (adult, contemp)
— charlie (mc, pansexual, nonbinary/transgender, polyam) x
— lola (mc, pansexual, nonbinary/transgender, polyam) x
— micah (mc, pansexual, nonbinary/transgender, polyam) x
— sasha (mc, pansexual, nonbinary/transgender, polyam) x
— tiffany (mc, pansexual, nonbinary/transgender, polyam) x
party girls by alice oseman (2018) (contemp, ya)
— raine (mc, on page, pansexual, indian) x

past the breakers by lucie archer (2017) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— casey (mc, on page, pansexual)
the peacequeen series by eve bradley (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— cat (mc, on page, pansexual)
the pentagonal dominion series by erika mccorkle (2022-2023) (adult, fantasy)
— requiem (sc, pansexual) x
— arria (sc, pansexual) x
— aubergine (sc, pansexual) x
— peaches (sc, pansexual, nonbinary) x
perfectly parvin by olivia abtahi (2021) (contemp, ya)
— ruth (sc, on page, pansexual, korean-american)
perfect match by sage donnell (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— entire cast (vcs, pansexual/bisexual) x
perfect timing by a.d. ellis (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— otto (sc, on page, pansexual)
the permanent collection by megan derr (2018) (adult, erotica, fantasy)
— laurence (mc, on page, pansexual, aromantic)
persephone station by stina leicht (2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— sukyi (sc, pansexual, black) x
persuasions series by a.e. lister (2021) (adult, erotica)
— vincent (li, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
— matteo (li, on page, pansexual)
pieces of us by claudia y. burgoa (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— zeke (mc, on page, pansexual)
pies & promises by duckie mack (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jason (mc, on page, pansexual)
pitcher perfect by lee blair (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ethan (sc, on page, pansexual)
a place to stand by becca lynn mathis (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— kristos (mc, pansexual) x
playing for keeps by jax calder (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ethan (mc, on page, pansexual)
playing the role of a surgeon by emily hayes (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— angel (sc, on page, pansexual)
play me by aidy award (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— taika (mc, on page, pansexual)
pleasure activism: the politics of feeling good by adrienne maree brown (2019) (nonfiction)the pleasure dial by jeremy edwards (2011) (adult, erotica, historical)
— elyse (sc, on page, pansexual)
plot twist by erin la rosa (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sophie (mc, pansexual) x
plus one bonus by alex silver (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— max (mc, on page, pansexual)
pomosexuals edited by carol queen and lawrence schimel (1997) (nonfiction)portals and puppy dogs by amy lane (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— simon (mc, on page, pansexual)
porthkennack series by garrett leigh (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— kim (mc, on page, pansexual, addiction)
port lewis witches series by brooklyn ray (2018-2019) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— liam (li, pansexual)
— victor (li, pansexual)
practice makes perfect by kris ripper (2017) (adult, erotica, romance)
— paul (mc, on page, pansexual, wheelchair user)
pretend girlfriend by lily craig (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lane (mc, on page, pansexual)
prez by rae b. lake (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— maven (sc, on page, pansexual)
pride & joy series by saruuh kelsey (2018) (fantasy, na)
— joy mackenzie (mc, on page, pansexual)
the pros of cons by alison cherry, lindsay ribar, and michelle schusterman (2018) (contemp, ya)
— soleil (li, on page, pansexual)
the psionics series by tash mcadam (2014-2019) (fantasy, ya)
— epsilon 17 (mc, pansexual, genderqueer) x
psychic underground series by sarah elkins (2018-2019) (sci-fi, ya)
— henry (sc, on page, pansexual)
— neila (mc, on page, panromantic/biromantic, asexual)
the purist by m. crane hana (2018) (adult, sci-fi)
— the northwarden (li, pansexual, genderfluid)
pushing the limits by riley hart (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lane (mc, on page, pansexual)
pyre at the eyreholme trust by lin darrow (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— duke (li, pansexual) x
the queen of dauphine street by thea de salle (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— maddy (mc, pansexual, addiction, anxiety, ptsd) x
queen of the immortals by t.r. hamby (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— andreas (li, on page, pansexual)
queens of the fae series by m. lynn and melissa a. craven (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— fae (vcs, on page, pansexual)
queen’s ransom by layla reyne (2021) (adult, crime, romance)
— celia (mc, on page, pansexual)
queers of la vista series by kris ripper (2016-2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mildred (li, on page, pansexual, biracial)
queer x design by andy campbell (2019) (nonfiction)a quiet night in by jaylee james (2017) (fantasy, na)
— dacian/daycie (li, on page, pansexual, bigender)
radio silence by alice oseman (2018) (contemp, ya)
— raine (sc, pansexual, indian) x
radleigh university series by dahlia adler (2014-2016) (na, romance)
— frankie bellisario (mc, on page, pansexual)
random acts of new year by julia kent (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— charlotte’s mother (sc, on page, pansexual)
the realm of monsters series by joharra harper (2022-2023) (adult, fantasy)
— callista (mc, pansexual, greek/latina) x
a reação adversa do caos by stephanne says (2019) (contemp, romance, sci-fi)
— luna (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
rebel mechanics series by a.t. brennan (2020-2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— bennett (mc, on page, pansexual)
recast by romilly king (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— gray (mc, on page, pansexual)
recipe for two by tia fielding and lisa henry (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— izzy (mc, on page, pansexual/questioning)
the reckless afterlife of harriet stoker by lauren james (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— harriet (mc, on page, pansexual)
recognize: the voices of bisexual men edited by robyn ochs and h. sharif williams (2014) (nonfiction)the redemption by alexia chase (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— max (mc, on page, pansexual)
redemption by garrett leigh (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— paolo (mc, on page, pansexual)
— luis (mc, on page, pansexual)
the red pen of fate by alley rose (2023) (na, fantasy, romance)
— victor (li, on page, pansexual, genderqueer, autistic)
reforged series by v.s. holmes (2018-2020) (adult, fantasy)
— keplan (sc, pansexual) x
regency reimagined series by megan mulry (2013-2015) (adult, erotica, historical, romance)
— anna (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— archie (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— beatrix (li, pansexual, polyam) x
— christopher (li, pansexual, polyam) x
— farleigh (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— georgiana (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— isabella (mc, pansexual) x
— james (li, pansexual, polyam) x
— javi (mc, pansexual) x
— nora (mc, pansexual) x
— pia (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— sebastian (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— selina (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— trevor (li, pansexual, polyam) x
— vanessa (mc, pansexual) x
reimagine by a.e. madsen (2023) (contemp, na, romance)
— travis (main character, pansexual/bisexual) x
relicarium by matheus monteiro (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— darren (mc, on page, pansexual)
remember when by b.l. maxwell (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— link (mc, on page, pansexual)
the republic series by archer kay leah (2017-2018) (adult, fantasy)
— emeraliss (sc, pansexual)
— hastal (sc, pansexual)
— laytia (sc, pansexual)
— navara (sc, pansexual)
— ress (mc, panromantic, asexual) x
resist & triumph edited by grace r. duncan (2018) (contemp, fantasy, romance, ya)
— emma (mc, pansexual)
retaking elysium by m. darusha wehm (2019) (adult, sci-fi)
— jules (mc, pansexual, nonbinary, latinx) x
ride the wreck by max walker (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— amelia (sc, on page, pansexual)
ring of the dragon by kayelle allen (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— pietas (mc, on page, pansexual)
ripple effects by laura j. mixon (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— rashida (sc, on page, pansexual, black, native american)
rise of the battlebitch by drace domino (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— bb (mc, pansexual) x
risky witchness by saranna dewylde (2016) (adult, fantasy)
— ethelred (mc, on page, pansexual)
rites & desires by amanda cherry (2018) (adult, fantasy)
— ruby killingsworth (mc, pansexual, biromantic) x
the river has teeth by erica waters (2021) (fantasy, horror, ya)
— georgia (sc, on page, pansexual)
— margo (sc, on page, pansexual, korean)
river of teeth series by sarah gailey (2017-2018) (adult, fantasy, historical)
— houndstooth (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
road to carnage series by nicholas bella (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— burger (mc, on page, pansexual)
— tiny tim (sc, on page, pansexual)
romantic hero by jeris jean (2021) (na, romance)
— theo (mc, on page, pansexual)
romeo for real by markus harwood-jones (2018) (contemp, ya)
— lyle (sc, on page, pansexual)
rookie mistake by anna zabo and l.a. witt (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— julien (mc, on page, pansexual)
— nikki (sc, on page, pansexual)
rooks and ruin trilogy by melissa caruso (2020-2022) (adult, fantasy)
— ryx (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
the roommate risk by talia hibbert (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jasmine (mc, pansexual, black, fat) x

the roosevelt duology by heidi cullinan (2015-2017) (contemp, na, romance)
— darren (sc, on page, panromantic, asexual)
the royal cleaner series by l.c. mawson (2017-2019) (adult, fantasy)
— caroline (mc, on page, pansexual, autistic, polyam)
royal exposé by jenny frame (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— joe (sc, on page, pansexual)
rubbing one out by susan mac nicol (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— daeliel (mc, on page, pansexual)
run in the blood by a.e. ross (2017) (adult, fantasy)
— aela (mc, pansexual, woc) x
safe and sound by frey ortega (2015) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— shifters (vcs, on page, pansexual/bisexual)
salvation lost by peter f. hamilton (2019) (adult, sci-fi)
— ollie (mc, on page, pansexual)
san francisco by suzanne falter and jack harvey (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— charley (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender)
santa cruz witch academy series by kristen s. walker (2020-2021) (fantasy, ya)
— damian (sc, on page, pansexual)
sasha and the butcher by stephanie kazowz (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sasha (mc, pansexual/bisexual, fat) x
save the date edited by ann roberts (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— laurel (mc, pansexual)
saving the star by rachel bowdler (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— atlanta (mc, on page, pansexual)
saving throw by alex silver (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— errol (mc, on page, panromantic, demisexual)
scales ‘n’ spells series by a.j. sherwood and jocelynn drake (2020-2021) (adult, fantasy)
— alric (mc, on page, pansexual)
— baldewin (mc, on page, pansexual)
— dragons (vcs, on page, pansexual)
— warin (mc, on page, pansexual)
scandal by navessa allen (2014) (adult, historical, romance)
— (lis, pansexual, polyam) x
scarlet sun by isabel hansen (2021) (contemp, na, romance)
— elyssa (sc, on page, pansexual, demigirl)
school and rock by r.j. scott and v.l. locey (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— colorado (mc, on page, pansexual)
science & jockstraps by riley hart and christina lee (2019) (na, romance)
— jeff (sc, on page, pansexual)
scintilla by elizabeth noble (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— raul (mc, on page, pansexual)
— werewolves (mc, on page, pansexual)
scissor link series by georgette kaplan (2016-2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— elizabeth (mc, on page, pansexual)
scoreless game by anna zabo and l.a. witt (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— elias (mc, on page, panromantic, asexual)
— nisha (mc, on page, pansexual)
season of love series by helena greer (2022-2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— levi (mc, pansexual, demisexual) x
season of the witch by sarah rees brennan (2019) (horror, fantasy, ya)
— ambrose (sc, pansexual, black) x
seasons turning by doyana haymond (2018) (adult, fantasy)
— amber (mc, on page, pansexual, wheelchair user)
— rain (mc, on page, pansexual)
second chance by t.l. dasha (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— brad (mc, on page, pansexual)
second chance romance by seth king (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— carolina (sc, on page, pansexual)
second chances edited by chace verity (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— rebecca (mc, on page, pansexual)
— rosalyn (li, on page, panromantic, asexual)
secret histories series by simon r. green (2007-2018) (adult, fantasy)
— gorgons (vcs, on page, pansexual)
secrets by gianni holmes (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— auggie (mc, on page, pansexual)
the secrets of sorlphi series by miranda may (2022- ) (adult, fantasy)
— hadley (mc, on page, pansexual)
secured and free by z. allora (2017) (adult, erotica, romance)
— xander (sc, on page, pansexual)
seducer fey by cullyn royson (2013) (sci-fi, ya)
— eadowen (sc, on page, pansexual)
uma segunda chance para você by stephanne says (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— carol (mc, pansexual) x
the seldom wings by beka westrup (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— sia (mc, pansexual) x
seraphim by leslie swartz (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— gabriel (mc, pan/bi) x
— lilith (sc, pan) x
sere from the green by lauren jankowski (2013) (adult, fantasy)
— shae (sc, on page, pansexual)
serving mr. chamberlain by izaia winter (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— nolan (mc, on page, pansexual)
7 deadly habits of the modern demon summoner by k.l. somniate (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— rey (mc, pansexual) x
seven ways we lie by riley redgate (2016) (contemp, ya)
— lucas mccallum (mc, on page, pansexual)
the sex coach by garrett leigh (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— cole (mc, on page, pansexual)
sexuality, religion and the sacred by loraine hutchins and h. sharif williams (2011) (nonfiction)sexual liberty: memoirs of a sex workers’s fight for freedom by chase tkach (2021) (nonfiction)sex wizards series by alethea faust (2021-2022) (adult, erotica, fantasy)
— dominai (mc, pansexual, anxiety) x
shades of magic series by v.e. schwab (2015-2017) (fantasy, ya)
— rhy (mc, pansexual, mixed race) x
the shadowhunter series by cassandra clare (2007-2020) (fantasy, ya)
— lily chen (sc, pansexual, asian) x
shadows of melbourne series by nicole field (2018) (adult, fantasy)
— bianca (sc, pansexual/bisexual, polyam) x
— dahlia (mc, pansexual/bisexual, polyam) x
shadow tales by l.j. hamlin (2017) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— joel (mc, on page, pansexual)
shattered pawns series by jennifer cody (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— auggie (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
— non-humans (vcs, on page, pansexual)
shelter by alex silver (2019) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— caleb (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
she who brought the storm by vaela denarr and micah iannandrea (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— rhi (mc, panromantic, grey-ace, nonbinary) x
shifting ground by alice rachel (2018) (na, sci-fi)
— jackson (mc, on page, pansexual)
shifting tides by caitlin ricci (2016) (adult, ya)
— blaine (mc, on page, pansexual)
ship it by britta lundin (2018) (contemp, ya)
— tess (li, on page, pansexual, homoromantic, queer, black)
the shock of survival by nicole field (2016) (fantasy, ya)
— ophelia (mc, pansexual/bisexual, polyam) x
a shot in the dark by victoria lee (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ely (mc, on page, pansexual, jewish) x
signs by anna martin (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— luc (mc, on page, pansexual, homosexual, heteroromantic)
signs of love series by anyta sunday (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— cal (li, on page, demi-pansexual)
silent knight by layla reyne (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— holt (mc, pan/demi) x
silhouette and the shadows by delaney andrews (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— gem (sc, on page, pansexual)
simon by catherine lievens (2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— malik (mc, on page, pansexual)
the single matchmaker by j.j. arias (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jennifer (sc, on page, pansexual)
six goodbyes we never said by candace ganger (2019) (contemp, ya)
— naomi (mc, pansexual, latinx/white, fat, anxiety, ocd, ptsd, depression) x
skeletal equation by a.e. lister (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— scott (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
skins series by garrett leigh (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— angelo (mc, on page, pansexual)
slow dancing by stylo fantome (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— woods (mc, on page, pansexual/queer)
sly’s mission by rosie jarvis (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— pappy (sc, on page, pansexual)
smoke & mirrors by charlie cochet (2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— tony (sc, pansexual) x
snowflake bay cozy mysteries series by c. farren (2020-2021) (adult, mystery thriller)
— benedict (li, on page, pansexual)
the society for soulless girls by laura steven (2022) (fantasy, ya)
— hafsah (sc, pansexual, autistic) x
socks for an otter by posy roberts (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— louis (mc, on page, pansexual)
soft on soft by mina waheed (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— june bana (mc, on page, pansexual, anxiety, middle eastern/persian, fat)
solitaire by alice oseman (2014) (contemp, ya)
— michael holden (li, on page, pansexual) x
só mais um capítulo by madu machado (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— giovanna (mc, pansexual)
some faraway place by lauren shippen (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— emily (li, on page, pansexual, latina)
some girls do by jennifer dugan (2021) (contemp, ya)
— ruby (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual/questioning)
— lydia (sc, on page, pansexual)
something to talk about by meryl wilsner (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— avery (sc, pansexual) x
song of phoenix and ink duology by margherita scialla (2022- ) (fantasy, na, romance)
— kagen (li, panromantic, asexual) x
a song of salvation by alechia dow (2023) (sci-fi, ya)
— rubin (sc, pansexual, black) x
the song of the faerie prince by tay laroi (2018) (fantasy, ya)
— gia (mc, pansexual/questioning)
songs of red currant wine by v.l. locey (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— tigh (li, on page, pansexual)
sorceress by k.l. noone (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— lorre (sc, pansexual, genderfluid) x
the sorceress saga by taliesin govannon (2020-2021) (fantasy)
— vincent (li, on page, pansexual)
— vampires (vcs, on page, pansexual)
so this is ever after by f.t. lukens (2022) (fantasy, ya)
— arek (mc, pansexual/bisexual)
soul of lucifer series by rune rivers (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy)
— oren (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
the sound of stars by alechia dow (2020) (sci-fi, ya)
— ellie (mc, pan/bi, fat, demi-ace, black, anxiety, hypothyroidism)
space opera series by catherynne m. valente (2018-2024) (adult, sci-fi)
— decibel jones (mc, pansexual/omnisexual, nonbinary, multiracial) x
the speakeasy series by k. evan coles and brigham vaughn (2018-2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jesse (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
spellster universe series by aldrea alien (2016-2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— tracker (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
the spider’s web by sophia beaumont (2017) (adult, fantasy)
— micha (mc, panromantic, demisexual)
the spies who loved her series by katrina jackson (2018-2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— asif (mc, pansexual, pakistani-american, fat) x
— chanté (mc, pansexual, black) x
spin with me by ami polonsky (2021) (contemp, mg)
— essie (mc, on page, pansexual/questioning)
stability by emily alter (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— paige (mc, on page, pansexual)
stake sauce by roanna sylver (2017) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— pixie (li, pansexual, polyam, fat) x
stars collide by rachel lacey (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— anna (mc, on page, pansexual)
start here edited by brigitte bautista and ronald s. lim (2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— gorgeous (mc, on page, pansexual)
star wars: the padmé trilogy by e.k. johnston (2019-2022) (sci-fi, ya)
— sabé (mc, pansexual) x
stay home by ava pierce (2020) (adult, thriller)
— ali (mc, on page, pansexual)
stick side series by amy aislin (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— kris (mc, on page, pansexual)
still hot by kaye adams and vicky allan (2020) (nonfiction)stolen desire by robin lovett (2019) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— koviye (mc, pansexual/bisexual, polyam) x
stonehurst prep series by steffanie holmes (2021) (na, romance)
— gabriel (mc, on page, pansexual)

stop and stare by katia rose (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— marina (mc, on page, pansexual)
straight on ’til morning by k.j. sutton (2021) (adult, fantasy, retelling)
— james (sc, pansexual) x
st. rage series by karen eisenbrey (2016-2019) (fantasy, ya)
— jimi (sc, pansexual, nonbinary) x
— dylan (sc, pansexual, nonbinary) x
strange attractors by ana k. wrenn (2022) (adult, mystery thriller)
— crystal (li, pansexual/polysexual) x
a stranger sort of fairy tale by cherry pickett (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— tarquin (mc, pansexual) x
strictly dicktly by amanda faye (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jessica (mc, on page, pansexual)
strictly professional relationships by r.s. thomas (2020) (adult, erotica, romance)
— jake (mc, pansexual) x
the striver by vivica dorn (2021) (na, romance)
— darren (mc, on page, pansexual/questioning)
the sub by brynne seabrooke (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sofia (mc, queer/pansexual/bisexual, adhd, gad) x
sugar girl by emma l. mcgeown (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ciara (mc, on page, pansexual)
summer at the scottish castle by rachel bowdler (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jess (mc, on page, pansexual)
the sunbearer duology by aiden thomas (2022- ) (fantasy, ya)
— dezi (sc, pansexual, black, deaf) x
the sun chronicles series by kate elliot (2020- ) (adult, sci-fi)
— persephone (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
superficial by diane billas (2024) (fantasy, ya)
— lea (mc, pansexual, demisexual) x
superheroes anonymous series by lexie dunne (2014-2016) (adult, sci-fi)
— portia (sc, pansexual) x
the surviving sky by kritika h. rao (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— (mc, pansexual, desi) x
sutton and the ceo forever by s. cinders (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jackson (sc, on page, pansexual)
the sweetest thing by e.m. denning (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— christian (sc, on page, pansexual)
sweet revenge series by elliot junkyard (2017) (adult, dieselpunk)
— hazel (sc, pansexual) x
— phineas (mc, pansexual) x
sweet to the core by amy aislin (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— clark (mc, on page, pansexual)
sweet vengeance by viano oniomoh (2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— malachi (mc, pansexual) x
swipe right by tagan shepard (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— kieran (mc, on page, pansexual)
sword and fire trilogy by melissa caruso (2017-2019) (fantasy, ya)
— kathe (sc, pansexual/bisexual) x
tad by m.d. neu (2019) (adult, fantasy)
— tad (mc, on page, pansexual)
tahira in bloom by farah heron (2021) (contemp, ya)
— leanne (sc, on page, pansexual)
tainted by andi jaxon (2021) (contemp, na, romance)
— whitney (sc, on page, pansexual)
tales from the grim series by jodi hutchins (2019) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— jackie (li, pansexual) x
tales of inthya series by effie calvin (2018-2020) (adult, fantasy)
— adale (mc, pansexual) x
— aelia (mc, pansexual) x
— esofi (mc, pansexual) x
— ionna (mc, pansexual) x
— klavida (mc, pansexual, transgender) x
— netheia (mc, pansexual) x
— orsina (mc, pansexual) x
— vitaliya (mc, pansexual) x
tales of the end times series by mary trepanier (2018-2021) (adult, fantasy)
— joanie (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
taming of the shoe by rebekah dodson (2020) (contemp, ya)
— gavin (sc, on page, pansexual)
taming the wyld by lucie archer (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jake (mc, on page, pansexual)
the tarot sequence series by k.d. edwards (2018- ) (adult, fantasy)
— addam (li, pansexual) x
— brand (sc, pansexual) x
taste on my tongue by beth bolden (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— quentin (li, on page, pansexual)
team phison by chace verity (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— shaun (sc, on page, pansexual)
tears in the water by margherita scialla (2023) (contemp, na)
— alex (mc, on page, pansexual, gender-questioning) x
teddy spencer isn’t looking for love by kim fielding (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— romeo (mc, on page, pansexual, black)
teddy’s truth by k.d. ellis (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ian (mc, on page, pansexual)
tell me anything by skye kilaen (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— bryan (sc, on page, pansexual)
temos um acordo? by bruna catarina (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— alisson (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender, genderfluid)
temper series by lila mina (2019-2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— honda (li, on page, pansexual)
temptation cove by t.s. ankney (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mikey (mc, on page, pansexual)
tempting jordan by andrea dalling (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— bernadette (sc, on page, pansexual)
tempting olivia by clare ashton (2024) (adult, contemp, romance)
— kate (mc, on page, pansexual)
tempt me by caitlin crews (2020) (adult, romance)
— rory (mc, on page, pansexual, demisexual)
tempt me tonight by natasha washington (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— xander (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
— taj (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
ten by tia fielding (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— evy (sc, on page, pansexual)
a tended garden by j.p. jackson (2022) (adult, fantasy)
— (mc, pansexual) x
texture like sun by ils greyhart (2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— (sc, pansexual) x
thank you, next by andie j. christopher (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jane (sc, on page, pansexual, black)
that doesn’t belong here by dan ackerman (2017) (fantasy, na, romance)
— levi (mc, pansexual, jewish, fat)
that trans kid as school by cameron james (2020) (adult, contemp)
— patrick (sc, pansexual, transgender) x
their reaper series by lacey carter anderson (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— aurora (sc, on page, pansexual)
their troublesome crush by xan west (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ernest (mc, on page, pansexual, demiromantic, transgender, polyam, autistic, jewish, fat)
— shiloh (sc, on page, pansexual, demiromantic, nonbinary, fat)
there’s magic between us by jillian maria (2021) (fantasy, romance, ya)
— lydia (mc, on page, pansexual)
there will be phlogiston by alexis hall (2014) (adult, fantasy, steampunk)
— anstruther jones (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
these feathered flames duology by alexandra overy (2021-2022) (fantasy, ya)
— yuliana (li, pansexual) x
the thing about tilly by g. benson (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— evie (mc, on page, pansexual, half-chinese)
30 things i love about myself by radhika sanghani (2022) (adult, contemp)
— mark (sc, on page, pansexual)
this is me trying by racquel marie (2024) (contemp, ya)
— beatriz (mc, pansexual/queer) x
this poison heart by kalynn bayron (2021) (fantasy, ya)
— bri (mc, pansexual, black) x
three part harmony by holley trent (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— raleigh (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
the tiger’s watch by julia ember (2017) (fantasy, ya)
— tashi (mc, pansexual, genderfluid)
timekeeper series by tara sim (2016-2019) (fantasy, steampunk, ya)
— colton (li, pansexual) x
the tithenai chronicles series by foz meadows (2022-2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— caethari (mc, pansexual/bisexual) x
tiogair by manuel arbanassi (2018) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— damodar (sc, pansexual/bisexual) x
— zoe (mc, pansexual, intersex) x
a toll of flesh series by cyran faringray (2022-2023) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— nyxis (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— river (mc, pansexual) x
— selene (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— zalthorn (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
tongue & groove by shae connor (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— saul wilder (mc, on page, pansexual)
torchwood series by various authors (2007-2012) (adult, sci-fi)
— jack harkness (mc, pansexual/omnisexual/bisexual)
to terminator, with love by wes kennedy (2016) (na, romance, sci-fi)
— andre (li, pansexual, black) x
touch of a yellow sun by v.l. locey (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— shey (li, on page, pansexual)
tough love by david horne (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jack (mc, on page, pansexual)
tow trucks & new year’s kisses by lila leigh hunter (2016) (adult, contemp, romance)
— scott (mc, pansexual) x
toying with temptation by a.h. cunningham (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— matthew (mc, pansexual, korean american) x
the traitor’s tunnel by c.m. spivey (2016) (adult, fantasy)
— theodor (mc, panromantic, asexual) x
transgressions of power by juliette wade (2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— melin (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
trans mission: my quest to a beard by alex bertie (2017) (nonfiction)triad blood series by nathan burgoine (2016-2017) (adult, fantasy)
— matthew (sc, on page, pansexual)
trials of fear series by nicky james (2018-2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ireland (mc, on page, pansexual, haphephobia, diabetes)
trick or treat by sydney blackburn (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— drew (mc, on page, pansexual)
the trouble with snowmen by dorlana vann (2015) (adult, contemp, romance)
— maximilian (sc, on page, pansexual)
true love bites by joy demorra (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— ursula (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— vlad (mc, pansexual/bisexual/queer/mspec, polyam) x
trust by emily alter (2018) (na, romance)
— elijah (mc, pansexual) x
tulsa immortals series by audra hart (2017-2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— paranorms (various character, on page, pansexual)
turbulence series by lyn gala (2013-2014) (adult, romance, sci-fi)
— zeke (li, on page, pansexual)
— allie (mc, on page, pansexual)
twelfth moon by halli starling (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— yuri (mc, pansexual) x
— beckett (mc, pansexual) x
twenty-one arrow salute by kasia bacon (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— verhan (mc, pansexual) x
27 hours by tristina wright (2017) (sci-fi, ya)
— nyx llorca (mc, on page, pansexual, deaf, cuban)
twilight’s touch by v.l. locey (2022) (contemp, na, romance)
— will (li, on page, pansexual)
twisted wishes series by anna zabo (2018-2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— adrian (mc, on page, pansexual)
— mish (mc, pansexual) x
— zavier (mc, on page, pansexual, aromantic)
two wrongs make a right by chloe liese (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— bea (mc, on page, pansexual)
el último minuto by b.j. castillo (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— eliot (on page, pansexual)
the unconquered city by k.a. doore (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— illi (mc, pansexual) x

uncovering her pretty by rae shawn (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— jada (mc, pansexual) x
under dark sky law by tamara boyens (2016) (adult, sci-fi)
— xero (mc, pansexual) x
under red sky series by j. calamy (2020) (adult, crime, romance)
— graves (mc, pansexual, aphasia, māori) x
under the bisexual umbrella edited by corey e flanders (2018) (nonfiction)und ich leuchte mit den wolken by sophie bichon (2021) (na, romance)
— lilou (mc, on page, pansexual)
united by karen nappa (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— lynn (sc, on page, pansexual)
unleashed series by erik schubach (2017-2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— finnegan (mc, on page, pansexual)
the unpopular vote by jasper sanchez (2021) (contemp, ya)
— mark (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender, bipolar, jewish)
the unstoppable bridget bloom by allison l. bitz (2023) (contemp, ya)
— bridget (mc, pansexual, fat) x
unstoppable trilogy by charlie jane anders (2021-2022) (sci-fi, ya)
— tina (mc, pansexual/bisexual)
unwritten runes series by cat rector (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy)
— loki (li, pansexual, genderfluid) x
— eyvindr (sc, pansexual, chinese/norwegian) x
— lofn (sc, pansexual, polyam) x
— angrboda (sc, pansexual, polyam) x
— alyssa (sc, pansexual) x
upon another edge broken by anthony w. eichenlaub (2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— gerald (sc, on page, pansexual)
upright women wanted by sarah gailey (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— esther (mc, pansexual) x
the upside of unrequited by becky albertalli (2017) (contemp, ya)
— mina (sc, on page, pansexual, korean)
urban legends series by catherine lievens (2019-2020) (adult, fantasy)
— charlie (sc, on page, pansexual, agender)
us against destiny by april rose scott (2020) (na, romance)
— drew (sc, on page, pansexual)
us against the world by shayne prescott (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— owen (mc, on page, pansexual, black)
v by aura marquez (2023) (adult, fantasy)
— v (mc, on page, pansexual, autistic, chicana)
vacation tails by deanna wadsworth (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— mitch (sc, on page, pansexual)
vampire flynn series by peter dawes (2010-2018) (adult, fantasy)
— peter (mc, pansexual) x
vamps: fresh blood by nicole arend (2022) (fantasy, ya)
— vampires (vcs, on page, pansexual)
the velocity of revolution by marshall ryan maresca (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— characters (mcs, pansexual, polyam) x
— culture (vcs, pansexual, polyam) x
velvet claw by l.j. hamlin (2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— evan (mc, on page, pansexual)
venice actually by kelly reynolds (2023) (adult, contemp, romance)
— leighton (mc, on page, pansexual)
verona comics by jennifer dugan (2020) (contemp, ya)
— jubilee (mc, on page, pan/bi)
victorian mistress by jesse stuart (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— josef (sc, pansexual)
a villainous affair saga by heather massey (2021) (adult, steampunk, romance)
— nathan (mc, pansexual) x
vinyl series by sophia elaine hanson (2015-2018) (sci-fi, ya)
— evie (sc, pansexual) x
violet hill series by chelsea m. cameron (2017) (na, romance)
— anna corcoran (mc, on page, pansexual)
violet is nowhere by faith gardner (2022) (adult, mystery thriller)
— violet (mc, on page, pansexual)
the virgin rule book by lauren blakely (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sunny (sc, on page, pansexual)
virgins by jaz johnson (2015) (contemp, ya)
— claire (mc, on page, pansexual, hiv positive)
virtual love by jerry cole (2017) (contemp, na, romance)
— hans (mc, on page, pansexual)
— tracy (sc, on page, pansexual)
waif by samantha kolesnik (2021) (adult, horror)
— angela (mc, pansexual) x
wander this world by g.l. tomas (2015) (fantasy, na)
— melanie blue (mc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary, black)
warp gate concerto by dorian graves (2019) (adult, fantasy, sci-fi)
— ashua (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— nulani (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— silna (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— kozrin (mc, pansexual, nonbinary, polyam) x
warwick by kelly fox (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— joaquin (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
watching the sunrise by stella rainbow (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— brady (mc, on page, pansexual)
waylaid by sarina bowen (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— ricky (mc, on page, pansexual, heteroromantic)
wayward children series by seanan mcguire (2016-2020) (fantasy, ya)
— eleanor (sc, panromantic) x
— jack (mc, pansexual, ocd, sex repulsed) x
wayward witch by zoraida córdova (2020) (fantasy, ya)
— fairies (vcs, pansexual)
weapon uwu vol. 1: godkillers by s.j. whitby (2021) (fantasy, horror, ya)
— lou (sc, pansexual, transgender) x
weave the dark, weave the light by anna zabo (2020) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— ari (mc, pansexual, aromantic, nonbinary) x
— jonathan (li, pansexual) x
we could be heroes by mike chen (2021) (adult, sci-fi)
— jamie (mc, pansexual) x
we deserve monuments by jas hammonds (2022) (contemp, ya)
— avery (mc, on page, pansexual, black, biracial)
wed in the wild series by aveda vice (2021-2022) (adult, erotica, fantasy, romance)
— pheir (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— caius (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— aren (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
weekend girl by alex powell (2021) (contemp, na, romance)
— ash (mc, on page, pansexual, genderfluid)
weighting series by sam e. kraemer (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— wyatt (mc, on page, pansexual)
— tal (mc, on page, pansexual)
welcome to sea port series by katrina jackson (2017-2018) (adult, contemp, romance)
— santos (mc, pansexual, mexican-american) x
welcome to town by b. geren sanford (2016) (fantasy, na)
— will (mc, on page, pansexual)
werebears and water by caitlin ricci (2018) (erotica, fantasy, na)
— rayce (mc, on page, pansexual, transgender, polyam)
— vince (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
we watch you by n.s. ford (2021) (adult, thriller)
— investigator (mc, on page, pansexual)
what blooms beneath by a.d. ellis (2019) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— kellen (mc, on page, pansexual)
what’s mine is yours by willow renee (2022) (contemp, na, romance)
— august (mc, on page, pansexual, polyam)
what the heart sees by k.c. luck (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— sage (mc, on page, pansexual)
what we see in the smoke by ben berman ghan (2019) (adult, sci-fi)
— monitor ingrid (mc, pan) x
— two characters (mcs, pan, genderqueer) x
when light left us by leah thomas (2018) (sci-fi, ya)
— brendan (sc, on page, pansexual)
when the walls come down by harper robson (2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— dylan (mc, on page, pansexual/bisexual, autistic)
when we were infinite by kelly loy gilbert (2021) (contemp, ya)
— sunny (sc, on page, pansexual, taiwanese-american)
when you get the chance by tom ryan and robin stevenson (2021) (contemp, ya)
— erin (sc, on page, pansexual, nonbinary)
whispering wildwood by emma sterner-radley (2020) (adult, fantasy)
— vick (li, pansexual) x
— pirates (vcs, pansexual) x
whispers in the woods by k.c. carmine (2021) (na, fantasy)
— tomek (mc, pansexual) x
whispers of the past by shawna hunter (2018) (fantasy, na)
— silvanth (sc, on page, pansexual, genderfluid)
white house men series by nora phoenix (2020) (adult, contemp, romance)
— henley (mc, on page, pansexual)
— coulson (mc, on page, pansexual, demisexual)
who could love you, astor price? by amy jane lehan (2023) (contemp, ya)
— astor (mc, on page, pansexual, depression) x
who’d have thought by g. benson (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— hayden (mc, on page, pansexual, latinx)
the wicked love by pru schuyler (2022) (contemp, na, romance)
— sophie (sc, on page, pansexual)
the wicked unseen by gigi griffis (2023) (horror, mystery, ya)
— (sc, pansexual) x
wild and crooked by leah thomas (2019) (contemp, ya)
— gus (mc, pansexual, cerebral palsy)
wilderwood by halli starling (2021) (adult, fantasy)
— octavia (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— roderick (mc, pansexual, polyam) x
— bellemy (mc, pansexual, nonbinary, polyam) x
wild magic by ieuan ledger (2022) (fantasy, ya)
— rudy (mc, panromantic, asexual) x
the wind city by summer wigmore (2013) (adult, fantasy)
— saint (mc, on page, pansexual)
the windermere tales duology by talli l. morgan (2021-2022) (fantasy, na)
— lilya (mc, pansexual, aromantic) x
— saevel (sc, pansexual, genderqueer) x
winning it all by tanya chris (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— carson (mc, on page, pansexual)
winterfell academy series by elle mae (2021) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— eli (li, on page, pansexual)
wistful in wyoming by j.b. havens & samantha a. cole (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— dale (mc, on page, pansexual)
the witches of portland series by t. thorn coyle (2018-2019) (adult, fantasy)
— alejandro (mc, on page, pansexual, mexican, polyam)
the witch king duology by h.e. edgmon (2021-2022) (fantasy, ya)
— emyr (li, pansexual, demisexual/romantic, unlabeled, black) x
witchmark by c.l. polk (2018) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— tristan (li, pansexual) x
witch’s knight by evelyn silver (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— setanta (li, pansexual, polyam) x x
without a compass by helen juliet (2017) (adult, contemp, romance)
— kai (mc, on page, pansexual)
the wolf and the sparrow by isabelle adler (2019) (fantasy, na, romance)
— callan (mc, pansexual) x
women and kink: relationships, reasons, and stories (2021) (nonfiction)wonderland by juno dawson (2020) (contemp, retelling, ya)
— alice (mc, pansexual, transgender, mentally ill)
won’t back down edited by samantha m. derr (2014) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— gren (mc, pansexual)
worth dying for by peter styles (2019) (adult, contemp, romance)
— james (sc, on page, pansexual)
written in the stars series by alexandria bellefleur (2020-2022) (adult, contemp, romance)
— margot (mc, on page, pansexual)
wrong hunt by j.s. harker (2022) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— zack (mc, on page, pansexual)
the year shakespeare ruined my life by dani jansen (2020) (contemp, ya)
— charlotte (li, on page, pansexual)
you are not alone! by robin raynor (2020) (nonfiction)you don’t have a shot by racquel marie (2023) (contemp, romance, ya)
— dina (sc, on page, pansexual)
youkai bloodlines series by courtney maguire (2021-2022) (adult, fantasy)
— hideyoshi (li, pansexual, japanese) x
zander by carly marie (2021) (adult, contemp, romance)
— zander (mc, on page, pansexual)
the zhakieve chronicles by a.m. valenza (2015-2016) (adult, fantasy, romance)
— alexey (mc, pansexual, polyam)
zombies coming by z. allora (2018) (adult, fantasy)
— cassidy (mc, on page, pansexual)